Victoria, Hackney – any information?

I’m a student on City University’s Newspaper Journalism MA and, being relatively new to London, I’m trying to find out a little more about Victoria as a ward in Hackney which I am covering for around 6 months. Everywhere I look there seems very little about the area compared to the rest of the borough. Does anyone know anything interesting about Victoria or have any strong opinions concerning the area? Know of anyone or an organisation that would be good for me to speak to to find out more information? Or can recommend any places/ or events to attend? It would be great to get in touch with some local residents or people that could give me a bit of an insight/ inroad into the area. Thanks so much in advance for everyone’s help!Rae

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  1. I would have thought the people from Well St market would be interesting – @WellStMarket

  2. Hi @raeboo Check out the Victoria Park traders and residents association are the boundaries for everyone’s reference:Victoria

  3. It might be worth attending the next Victoria ward forum to meet the local councillors and residents working together to address local concerns. I agree with @alexisk that speaking to the Well Street Traders and Residents Association as well as the Victoria Park association would be a good start in getting a sense of some of the local issues.”

  4. Wow thanks everyone for being so helpful! I’m not sure if I’m allowed to cover Victoria Park for my course as its technically outside the ward boundaries – I’ve asked my tutor about it and am waiting hopefully for his response. Regardless, I’m following up everyone’s advice and links. Thanks again!

  5. @raeboo Victoria Park isn’t even in Hackney, but the \Village’ is”

  6. @raeboo Victoria Park isn’t even in Hackney, but the \Village’ is”