Vespa Re-spray

I finally have my vespa back (again) after my mechanic tried out 3 different stator plates, 4 months of no scooter 🙁 and some complete break downs – I’m currently reading this to try and understand what that means myself
It’s now 8 years since my bike was put back together and the paintwork is looking ropey with a few rust bubbles, I’m thinking about a respray, I know it’s a fairly big process as it means stripping the whole thing down and then putting it back together and probably putting some new trim on, which means expensive – but does anyone have any recommendations for places that can do it well and not rip me off.


  1. The garage next door to the 3 sisters does a lot of body work on vintage cars and I remember seeing an old 60s Vespa and even an old tuk-tuk in their yard a while back. I’m no expert but it looks good work to my eye and I’ve seen some pretty classy vehicles come and go over the years including E-type jags and Aston Martin DB4(?). I’ve no idea what they charge though. Don’t be put off by some of the crappy cars outside as they also do basic repairs.

  2. thanks, I’ll check them out

  3. There’s a place behind the Strand Building that does all sorts of spraying, including bicycle frames, so perhaps they could also do a Vespa.

  4. Armortex are good for pwdercoating, but I have a feeling this would flex and crack on a vespa chassis… worth asking the question though as it’s a durable finish… otherwise The London Scooter Body shop, Cobble Lane N1 Tel 0207 2263238.. good job, and they know scooters.

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