Very large pots and wire mesh for vertical veggie growing

I am embarking on a vertical veggie project to grow cucumbers, courgettes, peppers and butternut squashes. I don’t have alot of space so will be using large pots – If you have any spare pots, I’d be happy to collect. Also I think the best wy to grow them vertically is to use wire mesh or netting – if any one has any or can help in any way; I’d love to hear from you. Looks like summer may have finally started? Carl


  1. I can recommend following Mark Vertical Veg for anything along these lines:!/verticalveg I got him down to run an excellent VV workshop series at the Curve Garden last year but he’s no longer living in London so these kinds of things are harder to organise now. He has done one or two one day courses in London in the last few months so I would recommend signing up to his website. For good sturdy reclaimed pots I would advise keeping an eye out around the Turkish restaurants and working out which day they put out their rubbish for collection. They use decent sized olive oil tins which are perfect for container growing.”

  2. I can recommend the following website for wire mesh having got mine from there:

  3. One thing to bear in mind with olive oil tins is that they can get very hot and then the roots of your veg fry! Have you sorted all your pot needs now or are you still looking? I think I might have a few that I could spare and I could also offer some advice if needed. (Have grown veg for years and also just done Train the Trainers container growing course with Mark from Vertical Veg. I’m also a North London Master Gardener ). Am in a bit in a rush now but just leave a note if you think I could be of help.

  4. Thanks for all your wonderful replies.

  5. Thanks for all your wonderful replies.

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