Venue hire hackney – please help!!

I’m getting married on April 16th, and I need to find somewhere to have a party to celebrate with friends. My partner and I live in Hackney and would like to have our party here. We don’t have a big budget, and only need a fairly small place – max 50 people. Do you have any suggestions?!


  1. I’m sure @e8yim was researching the same thing a while ago, but I can’t find the thread right now.What sort or area are you looking at?

  2. Near Mare street would be ideal, but I\m not fussed. Just want to find somewhere soon.”

  3. I always thought Biddles would be a nice small party venue… I’m not sure whether they ever do private events though. And it’s not to everyone’s tatste for a wedding! The Hackney Empire might be able to rent out some of their premises…? There’s Bistrotheque further down, which is fab but prob not cheap. The Round Chapel on Lower Clapton Road has a beautiful event space and I seem to remember it’s very cheap. 16th April is really soon!! Good luck

  4. Thanks for your help. I will check those places out. It’s a pretty laid back wedding, not a traditional one. We just want to find somewhere to have a party with our friends to celebrate.

  5. @clementinedp biddles is nice, or maybe some places around Victoria Park Village.

  6. @clementinedp Firstly, congratulations!Secondly, try Chats Palace;

  7. Clem, I’ve not been to Passing Cloud but that might be an option?

  8. Theres a nice bar/cafe space with a good roof terrace at Netil House ( ). If you need a PA system for the party, let me know, and I’ll do you a good deal. G

  9. @clementinedp How about FARM:shop? Not your typical venue but you can have a romantic first dance in the polytunnel (which had a glitter ball hanging for last week-end’s party) and use the cafe kitchen for catering. If you’re interested contact Kristen on 07917 467 460 or email

  10. Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green

  11. Thank you so much for your suggestions!! They are seriously appreciated. I will check all of these places out. Any other places that you may think of are greatly welcome.Thanks!!!!

  12. @chachi mentioned the Lumiere on Chats Rd, but it got a little lost, here is what they said:

    “Hey Clementine! there’s a wicked and rather unusual venue that now has a licence to do events, cocktails and has a boutique ’sparkling’ basement venue that may just do the trick for your little gathering! Went there a few weeks back- you would never imagine from outside the gorgeous secrets held within……I always used to walk past it thinking it was a florist or similar! Upstairs is a cosy juicebar and then once you go downstairs its another world. I know they do private parties too as my mate had their bday party thing there. Give em a try! its Lumiere- 88 Chatsworth Road, E5- just by the launderette. Funny opening hours but worth it when you catch them!! Sat and Sundays they open all day and in the week I have caught them around 10pm. good luck x”

  13. Last Autumn I saw an entire wedding party get off a 55 bus and head down Vyner Street in the direction of the Victory pub, which might be another option for you!

  14. Let me echo @chachi‘s recommendation of the Lumiere. It’s a brilliant wee venue, just right for about 50 people I would have thought. Lorenzo, who runs it, is an absolutely lovely fellow and a faultlessly warm and party-spirited meinhost. He is always keen to tailor events to requirements/personality of people organising private events. His very wide range of Hackney themed milkshakes and smoothies (Raspberry London Fields is a hot tip) are sensational and he can organise bespoke cocktails for your event. I had a party there last year, and all the guests were amazed by how lovely it is.

  15. The Royal Inn by Victoria Park has a big room upstairs. A friend of mine had a wedding there and seemed pleased with it.

  16. Have you thought about Dalston Roof Park? it’s opening again in May

  17. The roof park would be amazing for a private party! I take it all Yeah! Hackney members will be invited 🙂

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