Venue for a debut film Screening

Hi guys, My flatmate has written and directed his first film and we are looking for a venue for it to be screened at, thats preferably free or cheap. Does anyone have any ideas? Its planned to be shown on Oct 14 which doesnt give us a lot of time. All your thoughts and Ideas are welcome. Sharon…x


  1. You could try: Passing clouds, Hackney City Farm, Andor Bureau ….

  2. Thanks, I will check it out, I was thinking about hackney city farm. Passing clouds would be pretty cool  as well.

  3. Don’t know if it’s any help but I have a decent projector & 2.5m screen that I could offer, and mean you could do it almost anywhere. Another venue suggestion is Platform Cafe at Netil House.

  4. The George and Dragon in Shoreditch used to host Short Sundays’ afternoon of film screenings.

  5. You could use our lounge, depending on numbers you expect. We have a huge TV and also a DVD projector :)

  6. Thanks everyone, all fab ideas we have sent emails out to all the places. Hackney farms looking quite promising.Sunsk8; the numbers should be no more than 40 people, how much would it cost to hire the lounge for an evening? Or is it bet to contact someone via the website?

  7. We could work out something very cheap – though, just so you know, we only have seating for 22.  If you were happy to bring some other chairs in or be flexible about that, it’d be perfect… you can email me direct on

  8. Great stuff, I will pass on your email address to him. Thanks again. 🙂

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