Veggie delivery

Has anyone used this before – local store (Spa) doesn’t sell lose vegetables, and I can’t always be bothered to walk down to the organic shop. Therefore this might be worth a try.


  1. I can recommend Growing Communities. They don’t deliver but they have pick up points in various locations around Hackney it’s cheaper than Riverfood and you’ll be supporting a local social enterprise. Growing Communities also run the Stokey farmers market.”

  2. Friends of mine use Riverford and are happy with it. I am using Abel&Cole ( and can recommend them. Great website, a variety of fruit&veg boxes to chose from, and you can shop for other stuff (eco washing liquid, toilet paper, etc.) as well. Extremely convenient and good value for money. It’s probably more expensive that Growing Communities and similar enterprises, but if you prefer the convenience of delivery, then Abel&Cole and Riverford are worth a try.

  3. Thanks, they both look really good. Either way its another reason not to use the supermarkets!

  4. Hello! I second the recommendation for Growing Communities – I’ve used them 1.5 years now, my housemates for many more, and we’re all extremely satisfied. Plus, they grow salad in microsites around Hackney – you can’t get more local than that!

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