Vegetarian/vegan suggestions

This isn’t Hackney-related but so many of you are vegetarians, I thought I would ask. I am taking a Scottish friend to lunch on Saturday in central London (most likely Covent Garden or Soho). We’d like a really delicious (and not heavy or stodgy) vegetarian or veg. friendly restaurant. I don’t have a clue, being am omnivore! Suggestions please – and is Mildred’s really good or just well-known.


  1. Hi @janice it might be worth posting in the veggie group over here:

  2. This place is great.
    Even better than it looks on the website. It’s on a little pedestrianised street behind Regent St.

    I wouldn’t normally rate a ‘buffet/salad bar’ restaurant but the stuf here is zinging fresh very tasty colourful it feals like a real feast.
    You pay by weight (£1.95/100g) which is great if you don’t want much or go for leafy or lighter veg but can add up if you pile on the wholegrains! Lots of really tasty veggie stuff. You”

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