Vegan Peasant Supper Club

In December I was lucky enough to get a place at a new(ish) Hackney supper club with a vegan theme, Vegan Peasant.I first found out about Vegan Peasant at Chatsworth Road Market, where I sampled their lovely tacos. The food at the supper club was equally as delicious, which included artichoke canapés, chestnut and sweet potato wellingon, chocolate truffles and not a marinated tofu chunk in sight.

The next supper club is coming up very soon, so I caught up with Diana to find out some more:

Who is  behind Vegan Peasant and why did you start it?

We are a couple, Adrian & Diana, committed to providing 7 course dinners that vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarians can all enjoy. As far as I know there’s only one other properly vegetarian supper club (Secret Ingredient) and a few others offer a vegetarian option. The idea to start hidden dinners was thought about sometime ago, but for some reason we felt that everything had to be perfect. Of course we know this is not the case so we are working with the resources and skills that we have now. Getting involved in the Chatsworth Road Market trial kind of kick started our entrepreneurial ideas and gave us the forward momentum that we needed to get going.

Why Hackney?

We love Hackney. We first moved to Hackney the week of 7/7, on New North Road off of Old Street, then to Dalston and Amhurst Road. Then we took a break to travel from India back to the UK by bike and now we are in Clapton. Just moved to Midenhall Road almost two weeks ago.

What’s next for Vegan Peasant?

At the moment, we both work full-time, Adrian as a chef at Recipe – a contract catering company based in Shoreditch and I’m working as a project manager for Groovy Gecko, a technical streaming media agency. In the next 6 to 9 months we aim to raise funds so we can get Veganpeasant Catering off the ground.

The next hidden dinners are 11th & 12th February.

Find out more and book at:


  1. Hey Emily,

    Thanks so much for the props!

    I’ve sent the interview to everyone on my facebook page and my twitter followers too.


  2. Diana,

    your food sounds wonderful, I see you’ve been in the business for some time. As I said before if you want a stall at the market please let me know.


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