Veg resto suggestion please – Central London

This isn’t Hackney-related but so many of you are vegetarians, I thought I would ask. I am taking a Scottish friend to lunch on Saturday in central London (most likely Covent Garden or Soho). We’d like a really delicious (and not heavy or stodgy) vegetarian or veg. friendly restaurant. I don’t have a clue, being am omnivore! Suggestions please – and is Mildred’s really good or just well-known.


  1. This place is great.
    Even better than it looks on the website. It’s on a little pedestrianised street behind Regent St.
    I wouldn’t normally rate a ‘buffet/salad bar’ restaurant but the stuff here is zinging fresh very tasty colourful it feals like a real feast.
    You pay by weight (£1.95/100g) which is great if you don’t want much or go for leafy or lighter veg but can add up if you pile on the wholegrains!
    As well as tonnnes of salad-like dishes there are hot things such as curries stir-fries and pastas.

    The room is large and airy and there are tables outside if the sun comes out!”

  2. There’s always
    But on a Saturday lunchtime it is likely to be packed – it is a rather small and cramped affair at the best of times, but has been a bit of a veggie institution in the area for decades. It’s been years since I last ate there, but the memories are good.

  3. Out of Mildreds, tibits and food for thought I’d rate Mildreds the highest. You can also pop around the corner for coffee here: &raquo

  4. Actually, as you’re an omnivore, and if your friend doesn’t mind not having much choice ;-} you could eat at Fernandez and Wells. Then you could indulge yourself with some jamon and she could have some lovely cheese! Or how about bocca di lupo on archer st in soho? It’s pricy and not for big appetites, but I find the food consistently good and interesting. They have lots of nice veggy sides and pastas, cheeses etc. Of course if she doesn’t eat cheese these aren’t great ideas!

  5. goodlegs – can you tell us more about the reasons for your ratings? Just curious because I’ve only been to tibits. I could never get into Mildreds the few times I tried, years ago.

  6. Not central (so not very helpful but I thought I’d mention it..) but The Gate in Hammersmith is lovely”

  7. I’m veggie and another Mildred’s fan, have to say. I’ve gone there over the years with various meat-eating friends, some of whom haven’t always been terribly enthusiastic about veggie food. However, they’ve always loved their meals in Mildreds – the burgers always seem to go down especially well, and there’s always a nice varied choice on the menu. Tibits is excellent as well, food is incredibly tasty – my only problem with it is that you just keep wanting to put more on your plate, which means you get stung when you get it weighed at the end!

  8. you guys are awesome so far. my list is growing!

  9. @londiner just personal opinion obviously but I thought tibits was good in terms of having a wide selection and getting to choose exactly what you want, but on the other hand how long has the food been sitting out there on the hot place. Mildreds don’t do bookings and there’s usually a queue but you can have a glass of wine at the bar while you wait. I just found their food good quality with a good range of choices from different styles. Food for thought – the food looked amazing but it didn’t feel as fresh and quality as Mildreds, I think again it was dishes in hotplates that might have been sitting out a while.

  10. This list of veggie restaurants seems pretty good:

    There’s also Mrs Marengies (or however you spell it) just a couple of doors down from Mildreds, which is more of a cafe and owned by the same people I think.

  11. @goodlegs Yes, I’m not crazy about hotplates and buffets/salad bars, which maybe is why I was so impressed by tibits – I was expecting it to be awful! And thinking about it, I didn’t have any of their hot stuff, so maybe the trick is to stick to the cold things. They claim everything is made fresh and refreshed frequently, though I don’t think I saw anything being replenished during my visist. But everything did look and taste very good.

    I must persevere and try Mildreds. I just hate waiting – even with wine.

  12. Another good place might be Rasa W1 – I’ve never been to that one but if it’s anything like the original branch in Stoke Newington there will be lots of lovely south Indian food to try. I particularly like the dosas they do in N16.”

  13. Mildred’s really IS that good. Mmmm white chocolate & pistachio baked cheeeesecake

  14. Mildreds is a great date restaurant. Food for Thought is a great place to go with a friend, great home made food.

  15. Oh, and fancy schmancy Manna in Primrose Hill. last time I went was a few years ago, but was very nice indeed!

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