Urban Rooftop Beekeeping Project at Premises Studios in Hackney

Hackney Road music studios and cafe, The Premises, has established a hive and a colony of bees on the roof and are now joining with other campaigns to encourage people in urban areas to look after bees. Read more on The Premises Blog http://tinyurl.com/69bb5u4. The Premises wants to encourage anyone with outside space to help the bees by planting bee-friendly flowers, such as Chamomile, Sweet William, Foxgloves, Chives, Sage, Borage, Cornflowers and Dahlias. To many people’s surprise, urban honey is often far tastier than country honey. Bees fly up to 3 miles to collect nectar and the parks and gardens of city environments provide them with a variety of flowers resulting in more complex flavours in the honey