Upper Clapton United Reformed Church 85A Upper Clapton Road

Application No:2012/0329Location:Upper Clapton United Reformed Church 85A Upper Clapton Road London E5 9BUDevelopment:Outline planning application for demolition of existing churches and outbuildings and the erection of 3 blocks of 5 to 6 1/2 storey buildings to facilitate a new church and associated community facilities (Class D1) and 26 residential units with terraces. Illustration of proposed church here: http://idox.hackney.gov.uk/WAM/doc/Drawing-346786.pdf?extension=.pdf&id=346786&location=VOLUME1&contentType=&pageCount=1 While we could do with better quality renders, the proposal looks much better than what’s the now http://www.michalj.net/projects/second_look/39/b (click on 39 A to see the beautiful old church that made way for the bland version there now. In fact this ‘second look’ site deserves its own thread).

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  1. So I guess it was the church that unlawfully demolished the shop with 3 storey housing above just to the north of existing church a year or two ago? Hackney planning enforcement said nothing about it – surprise, surprise.As for the proposal – I always find it difficult to comment on religious architecture. It doesn’t warm my heart but if it suits their needs, why not I guess.

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