Unpackaged: the UKs first zero-packaging grocery shop

On 6th December, 2012: Unpackaged opened on Richmond Road E8. It boasts to be the UK’s first grocery shop where customers bring their own containers to refill with everything from olive oil to washing up liquid. It has moved from it’s former Islington residence and opened a new cafe with the move. “Unpackaged is about making it just as easy for customers to come and refill as it is to go to a supermarket. We sell great food in a really friendly atmosphere, which to us, is what retail should be about. Our new, bigger home, with our café and bar will allow us to reach more people and champion the Unpackaged way as a model for future sustainable city living”. founder Catherine Conway The aim is to cut down packaging waste through ideas like: using a Soda Stream to create drinks & cocktails, serving organic bulk wine and encouraging people to bring in their own coffee cups. Shop: Monday to Saturday 9am-8pm, Sunday 9am-4pmCafé: Everyday 8.30am-11pm http://beunpackaged.com/ http://twitter.com/unpackaged https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unpackaged/98478706008


  1. I will check this place out.

  2. Wow, a place to get coffee after 6PM?

  3. What a great idea! Really love the concept. And it looks like, from the website, there’s a good selection of products as well.

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