University project – Write on \ The Wall of Future of Hackney” ?”

Hello,i have a uni project where the plan is to set up a mural in amhurst road called \the wall of future of hackney” where people can write their dreams hopes thoughts for the future of Hackney. Just wanted to test this you think it would work? Yes/no? Why? Why not? There will be taken pictures every week and published on a website. Every week people will check the wall for vandalism and paint it over. After two-three weeks the wall will be painted over and new people can write on it. After 4-5 months there will be an exhibitions with photographs somewhere in Hackney. What do you think? Really really thankful for any help. Merci!”


  1. Hello. I live on the road. Where will this be? I personally would like to see something permanent rather than just an exhibition later. What is your idea of vandalism, by the way? I’d love to see some good graffiti artists add to this and give us some street art finally – it’s a bit of dessert for street art near Dalston Lane and am hoping for some stuff to go up on the new hoarding on Pembury Estate at the Dalston Lane end. This is interesting, though, so keep filling us in.

  2. Thanx. I thought down with Hackney central overground station, where you can park.Vandalism would be people who write bad stuff or stuff that dont have anything to do with the future of hackney. The wall will be permanent, although it will be painted over every month or so, so new people can write, paint and draw on it, The exhibition will be pictures of the wall.

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