UK Premier of Hitchcock’s The Ring Fri 13th July 2012

Hitchcocks The Ring copyright:  Canal Plus UK As part of the BFI’s The Genius of Hitchcock a major Alfred Hitchcock retrospective The Hackney Empire are showing the UK Premiere of The Ring (1927/2012 Restoration Version) “When boxer Bob Corby hires Jack Sander to be his sparring partner he has no idea that he will become smitten with Mabel Jack’s beautiful wife. A love triangle emerges in which the bouts in the ring become more than gamely sparring leading up to the championship fight (famously set in the Albert Hall) between the two men for the love of Mabel. Score by Soweto Kinch multi-award winning British jazz alto saxophonist hip hop artist rapper and MC performed live by Soweto Kinch Sextet. Hackney Empire 291 Mare Street London E8 1EJFriday 13 July 2012 20:00″


  1. @ewebber – thanks for posting, I’d love to see this. Are you interested?

  2. @saladefolle extreme booking fail at the moment both online then over the phone, trying to get tickets but computer says no

  3. I finally got tickets, after 30mins of messing around, several attempts online and over the phone, being accused of not having money available on 2 credit cards, computers crashing and a call back from the box office as well as a call from my bank’s fraud team assuming something fishy was going on. Hackney Empire’s response was that it’s ok because I got tickets in the end. Not impressed.

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