twee8’s second Birthday planning Sat 4th December 2010

What shall we do to celebrate?


  1. How about a pub walk/crawl – we could do a Saturday, stick the general plan up and tweet so people can join whenever – what do people think?

  2. I like the idea of making a day of it, I’d be up for that.

  3. that works for me.@philsheard late afternoon start?

  4. 3/4 ish would be a good time, something along the lines of what I have done before – we just need to get the right routePub suggestions here please @kuxi @philsheard @alexpink @ollie @hackneye @3djamie @katybeale and anyone else of courseI will also try to make a cake again 🙂

  5. We should also set a date 13th or 20th I reckon

  6. 13th or 20th – go here and lemmie know your preference

  7. the Doodle sounds like a done deal, if kuxi and Phil can only make 13th, then 13th it shall be

  8. CAKE!

  9. easily pleased! Is that a \yes” from you @3djamie?”

  10. CAKE! Not sure.. ‘prolly not at a weekend

  11. boo, hiss, please 🙂

  12. Ok, would have to bring my ladies though..

  13. Of course, we’ll have the youngest twee8-er yet

  14. *ahem* looking at my records twee8’s birthday is the beginning of Dec – think it’s 3rd, but Nov 13th works, right?

  15. ahhh what a lovely cake!

  16. Ok, I’ve added 4th to the Doodle – just in case that’s better, please can you update if you have already answered

  17. possibly… :)IT IS MY BIRTHDAY on the 5th.Just sayin’

  18. What’s that fucking Doodle thing? (I’m only swearing so its in-keeping with the site) #fuckyeah

  19. this thing just put your name in and tick dates

  20. ticked! couldn’t edit my old entry… btw, ale cake?

  21. If I ever get back into my flat, then ale cake is a possibility

  22. I’ve filled out the poll. Intriguingly, a typo has rendered me \Donalf”. Basically I *can* do Dec 4th. Nov 13th is a definite no I’m away. Nov 20th is an outside chance; partner is in S of France. Depends on childcare. But in principle I think this a great idea. Would be lots of fun.”

  23. @hackneye – I think I might call you Donalph from now onso 4th Dec is in the lead at the moment @philsheard @patricksmithjournalist what says you? Wonder if we can actually get @monkchips along

  24. If it’s a roaming feast I’m sure I could make some of it.

  25. I almost certainly have a game of rugby. But I could probably make it along later.

  26. I’ve had another go – made a mistake first time, I’m at Interesting North on Sat 13th so I can only make the Dec date.

  27. @philsheard ok, I’ve deleted your first entry.So are we on for 4th Dec, any objections? @kuxi @ollie @3djamie @monkchips @katybeale @hackneye and anyone else?

  28. Sorry – I have a wedding.But please go ahead and celebrate without me if need bex

  29. Boo Hiss – you are coming on weds though, right?

  30. Ok y’all put 4th Dec in your diaries and suggest some pubs here please Once I have pub suggestions, we’ll put them all in the mix and choose a route

  31. Done and done! My favourite pubs are the Prince George and Spurstowe (sometimes Biddle Bros or Duke of Wellington) but part of the fun of this is trying new ones.

  32. i’ve always thought the chesham arms 15 Mehetabel Rd looked cozy….

  33. For me, The Prince George, The Cock Tavern, The Marksman, The Camel, The Approach, to name a few.

  34. Biddles – is me being lazyI’d like to visit Spurstow again, the Baring arms is nice, the Wenlock, Duke of Wellington, Jolly Butchers, Shacklewell – before it goes.. um, there are more

  35. Biddles is too easy and the beer choice aint great. All the others sound good though. Lets do them all 🙂

  36. PS I like the Scolt too

  37. Maybe the Haggerston too

  38. It’s booked! As a token E8’er these are all new to me – sounds ace!

  39. The map of suggested pubs looks like this,-0.075703&spn=0.030476,0.070724&z=14 – Does anyone have any to add before the final route is decided

  40. Map looks great! Might say the Jolly Butchers and Coach & Horses in Stokey could be interchangeable, both good for different reasons and depending on space.

  41. Oh, I went to the Shackleton Arms the other day – sour variety of beers but the atmosphere’s definitely worth it! They want to draw ppl back in but are running dry of ideas – hope they don’t disappear.

  42. For @philsheard ‘s benefit 😉 here are some new dates…. this will make the final decision @ollie @katybeale @stephenhignell @monkchips @3djamie @alexpink @patricksmithjournalist @marty21 @hackneye and others

  43. Just to leap on this bandwagon long after it set off on the merry road to Bacchanalian adventure… I’m totally up for this. My househunting left me with something in E5 (not E8, but still) so it would be rude not join in a genuine pub crawl. I’d vote against the Haggerston, simply because it’s a grim pub, but yes to Jolly B which is a splendid addition to the Stokey scene. I might even make the case for the Old Ship, not least because it does English tapas (e.g. mini black pudding!)

  44. @patricksmithjournalist can you add your availability to here

  45. I’ve added me into the doodle but 4th looks like a clear winner – go ahead with that plan, I’ll be off pickling my liver on a stag anyway do so can cope with missing out on this time

  46. Ok 4th it isFrom the map it’s looking like the route is….The PemburyThe ShipThe SpurstowThe GeorgeThe HaggerstonThe Scolt HeadThe Duke of WellingtonAre people happy with that? and a 4pm start?

  47. Yes, happy with both. Good selection of boozers.

  48. looks great

  49. Yes, I’m still in for the 4th. If you decide for the 11th, I’ll have to re-check but it should be okay. But 4th is a definite can-do.

  50. It’s definitely the 4th

  51. sorry can’t make the 3rd but the 4th is good with me, will probably bring the ladies for 1 at the Pembury.

  52. @3dJamie it’s definitely the 4th 😉

  53. Slightly shorter event thread here: I’ll close this one now

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