Twee8 Weds 26th Jan Clapton Edition @ Elderfield

The Next twee8 is the Clapton edition and is going to be on Weds 26th Jan at The Elderfield, 57 Elderfield Road E5 from 7pm (ish). Hope to see you all there ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. thats sound like fun…we be about time to fall of the wagon by then?

  2. I’ll definitely come to this one!

  3. Defo

  4. yeee haw! yes I am

  5. yep, i’m in

  6. See you there kids!

  7. should be there.

  8. i may be able to come! never been there, might get lost. is @lucypearceox coming? she might be able to guide me

  9. i’ll see what i can do. you vetoed my suggestion we meetup after the market meeting, which i do plan to attend. but perhaps see you tonight there?

  10. There is a bar at Chats palace after the meeting, but no doubt it will go on a while. Also you know that meeting is tomorrow night, right?

  11. oh you and your facts. yes tomorrow. but previous meetings actually didn’t go on *that* long.

  12. See you at the Chats meeting tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. YES! All systems go. I should be thrown out of Hackney forever if I don’t make an appearance at this one!

  14. I’m in. Never been before – any advice about best places to put the bike when I get there?

  15. I think there are some bike racks outside

  16. I’d like to come but this is way out from comfort zone.. think I need a chaperone.

  17. If anyone’s worried, it’s a very calm pub on a residential street

  18. @philsheard Bike racks:

  19. Where’s the arrow pointing to pints of ale?I jest, of course.Hope to see folks later.

  20. Just to clarify, just in case anyone is confused – twee8 is next Wednesday (26th) – see y’all there

  21. @ewebber for her Streetview skillz> Yep, stick me in the confused category. Was relying on the old GCal reminder. Next week should be fine too.

  22. @9600 I made this for you:

  23. Thanks – enjoying the annotation :o)And, yes, I was mightily confused and had thought that this was tonight. Next week should be fine, though.

  24. can’t make it unfortunately, I’ve got to go to Brighton to see a man about developing our iPad interactive picture book..

  25. twee8 is tonight everyone! See those of you that can make it there.Emily

  26. got a bad cold so am staying home keeping my germs to myself. have fun

  27. oh noes – hope you feel better soon

  28. It’s tonight, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ See everyone there.

  29. Brilliant, catch up with y’all tonight.

  30. got work drinks, but going to try and make it after. be good to meet everyone

  31. Excellent. I am looking forward to an ale or 5.

  32. @alexpink and maybe some frozen pizza?

  33. @ewebber Washed down with some chups! I’d best do some exercise so I can justify gorging later on.

  34. See you there, ya’ll. I’m teaching tomorrow at City uni, in my first ever act as a pseudo-academic but I shall be supping ale nevertheless (in moderation).

  35. oh and I bumped into @jonaldenton too

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