twee8 Weds 21st Sept 2011

Hey all, the next twee8 date is fast approaching (it’s on Weds evening) so we need to get a venue booked in. As there are no brewery’s opening this week, it looks like we are back to the pub! @goodlegs and myself discussed a visit the revamped Shacklewell Arms in Dalston it’s recently been turned into a bit of a music pub but I’m also informed that it has ales and a pool table at the front. It looks like Weds is a gig free night for them which makes it a perfect opportunity to check it out. Do I have someone to second the notion?”


  1. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it this month as I have dance rehearsals on Wednesdays. I’d skip but we’re running out of time to practice. Have fun though!

  2. i’ve put this in the diary, am going to try and make it along, for the first time in yonks.

  3. @danlight ! It’s been ages

  4. shacklewell sounds great but I can’t make it this month, have nesting duties to attend to

  5. Not 100% I can make this one – I have some work things I need to do. So I think it’s up to @ollie to sort this one *nudge* to @ollie

  6. will try and make this, been a while since I’ve been to twee8

  7. @ewebber I’m happy to help people find the bar. Would be good to see you there though 🙂

  8. Is anyone actually going tonight?

  9. believe I am. seems @danlight is too.

  10. I’ll be there at about 7:30.

  11. be there 8ISH

  12. about 8 for me as well

  13. 8:30 Been ages. See you there.

  14. I’m having a tooth extracted tomorrow so drinking probably isn’t wise – but I’ll try and pop down for one.

  15. prolly be there about 8ish.

  16. On my way back from B’ham and will try to pop by around 10ish en route home if any of you lot are still there.

  17. We’ll still be here Stephen. See you soon mate.

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