twee8 Weds 20th Feb 2013 at the Duke of Wellington

Hi all- I’m your guest host for the month, as we start a round of sharing out the organising duties. The venue for the next catch up on the 20th February will be the Duke of Wellington on Balls Pond Road. We’ll be there from 7pm til close so feel free to join us at any time bring friends and anyone else who likes beer and banter.I don’t want to over promise anything- but there’s also been some mightily impressive cake at recent twee8s…”


  1. Great stuff, I shall see you there.

  2. Yay! Will be there. I’ll share it on the Twee8 Twitter if it hasn’t been shared already. I’ll be bringing along Tom (@darthbrush on Twitter) if he’s available. I booked a free seminar for that evening but I’ll be cancelling it. I got in a rush of “Woo free learnin’!” and signed up for everything.”

  3. @quitepeculiar learning is over-rated anyway, twee8 is far more educational!

  4. In the diary! Pow!

  5. Not long to go til the next meet up- let us know if you’re planning on joining us!

  6. lookout, they do triple cooked chipsTastes way better

  7. I can almost taste the chips 🙂

  8. I wonder how long this lot will last…”

  9. mmmmmmmmmmm

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