Twee8 third birthday – Weds 21st Dec 2011 (let me know if you’re coming)

After some discussion we have settled on a trip to  Hai Ha on Mare Street with a trip to a nearby pub afterwards.I just need a “yes” or “no” from any of you that haven’t already answered so I can book just comment in this thread.twee8 will be at: Hai Ha on 21st Dec at 7:30pmI’ll book the table on Monday 12th Dec so let me know by thenThe current list is:@mattyc@kuxi@staystylish@quitepeculiar@janice@tamlyn@philsheard@ewebber(let me know if you are bringing any +1s)”


  1. oh bollocks. i have a party set for the 22nd, and i don’t think i can really go out 2 nights in a row.

  2. boo 🙁

  3. oh come on . come out two nights in a row @monkchips . maybe i can drag the mister along although he is bound to make lots of rude noises about the venue…being such a gourmet and all. lol. yeah right.

  4. Due to the distance involved I won’t be able to make it, but I hope you all have a great  night.Ken x

  5. I have a count of 8, anyone else?

  6. can i have a +1 pls

  7. Is Jo coming? I have a table for 10 people right now, anyone else need a plus 1?

  8. hopefully!

  9. am still coming for sure and hoping to +1 if i can persuade @monkchips to come. with the inevitable cancellations, is it safe to say ‘maybe’?

  10. Working on a pass as we speak, looking good I think. J.

  11. @janice I saw @monkchips at the weekend and I don’t think we can lure him.Are you bringing someone else?

  12. (My last post seems to have vanished!) OK. I am definitely coming and *might* bring another. Would have been easier if @monkchips could spare an hour to show up. (Still hoping. LOL.) I don’t want to commit to bringing another but since there’s almost always someone with a cold who doesn’t show up, I hope it will work out either way.

  13. @janice your last post is still there, 4 posts above this one! The table is booked at 7:30 on Weds for 10 people, this is the current list: @mattyc@kuxi (+1), @staystylish@quitepeculiar@janice (maybe +1), @tamlyn@philsheard@ewebber and maybe @saladefolle If everyone on the list, or extra people turn up I’m sure we can do some table rearranging. @3djamie @ollie – are either of you coming? I’ll ask for more room if you are

  14. Sorry, I may not be able to come now, as there have been tentative plans in my house to make a Christmas roast that night (it was the only night that would have worked for us). I’ll let you know if it’s been cancelled on my end. In the meantime, I do believe I still have @monkchips‘s sweater/jumper from the Yeah! Hackney party, so if one of you wants to get it off of me as bait to lure him to come, there ya go.

  15. Boo to no @quitepeculiar 🙁 , but on another note looks like @3djamie is coming 🙂

  16. i will endeavour to pop in for a pint or two, sometime in the evening. keep those tweets going, so i know where you are.

  17. Hi Any idea where you will be going for a drink afterwards as would love to join you later

  18. The original proposal was the Dolphin – so I’m assuming that’s the same plan. Keep an eye on tweets from us and @ me if you can’t find us.

  19. Thanks Emily x

  20. Just passed by to make sure all’s going ahead as planned – see you tonight 🙂

  21. Just checking in. See y’all tonight!

  22. my +1 has cancelled but i’ll be there

  23. Also, for teh lulz, I wish this message on the Hai Ha homepage was deliberate: \Hai Ha is a Vietnamese takeaway in Hackney. Why don’t you try our [RANDOM-MENUITEM-1] or [RANDOM-MENUITEM-2]?” “

  24. I’m assuming that you press a random menu item generator button – and that’s what you get to eat. I’m looking forward to seeing you all….  just to warn you all, I didn’t make a cake this time 🙁

  25. my +1 (I hope) will balance out the -1. and no cake?? argh. 😉

  26. Last night was much fun, thanks to all who came. I hope that @philsheard is ok after being attacked by a vicious cat as well as experiencing the full force of the Dolphin’s post 11pm transformation for the first time.

  27. I woke up this morning humming Return of the Mack. That can’t be good.

  28. i missed the transformation? well, damn work! thanks for a great evening. nice to meet some new peeps and reconnect with old ones – so awful with names! see you in april.

  29. Lovely night guys, festive fun to the extreme. I can happily tick the Dolphin off the bucket list. Now where can I get one of those ankle length tartan skirts that all the amateur pole dancers are wearing these days?

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