Twee8: The Hackney Tweetup

Summer is here, the nights are long and warm! With their ‘Northern Soul Food’ menu, and variety of draft beers, ciders and ales, as well as a beergarden, The Kenton promises a great Tweetup to kick-off summer!

Date: Wed 18th June
Time: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

About the event:

A group for the Hackney tweetup @twee8 and

Twee8 is a social meetup running since 2008. The atmosphere is low-key and friendly; conversation usually swings randomly around shared interests both tech and non-tech related.
It’s on the third Wednesday of each month, at different locations announced on this group.

@lewistullett will be your host

Let’s have your names so we know how big a table we need!


At: The Kenton, 38 Kenton Road, London E9 7AB


  1. I have a work related thing that I need to be at first, so will be along after that.

    @staystylish @mattyc @quitepeculiar @monkchips @hackneye @kuxi @stephenhignell @janice @3djamie @patricksmithjournalist

    You lot coming?

  2. I’m planning to join in, though also may be a little later. Get your Moostercards ready!

  3. Do you think this could be a 2-stop Twee8? As we’re so close to the newly opened Gun pub on Well Street, it seems sensible to pop in

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