Twee8 November – Weds 17th

To avoid any confusion, the next twee8 is on Weds 17th Nov at the usual – birthday pub walk/crawl twee8 will be 4th Dec


  1. working on some ideas for table signs, don’t worry won’t be doing any rhombic dodecahedron’s this time

  2. what is twee8?

  3. @lizzie – some more info on the site – it’s essentially a group of people that met on twitter meeting up once a month in a pub, come along to the next one if you are freeYou have just prompted me to update the description

  4. Who’s coming on Weds?

  5. me… can you do a movember portrait for me? its in full force

  6. I’ll be making a brief appearance I’d imagine. I also have a movember going on, but there will definitely be no photos taken of it.

  7. @ollie – I can’t wait to see that!

  8. @fuckyeahhackney it’s \special””

  9. We will be at the Pembury Tavern from 7pm Map: Getting there:TfL Journey Planner

  10. @ollie lets have a look at your mo-space

  11. Agch, everyone, I’m out the game tonight. L is away for 5 days, work trip to Nice, so there’s me and 2 little ones home alone. Don’t really think it’s appropriate for me to bring them along, drink ale, then roam home through Ridley Road at midnight. Maybe wait til they’re at least 8 or 9. Of course, if anyone wants to bike me over a Sparta, you know where I live.

  12. @hackneye – boo, but see you at the birthday pub walk/crawl/jaunt, where I’m sure you will more than make up for it

  13. @ollie you need a mo-avatar or movatar

  14. @ewebber @kuxi No mo-space, no mo-avatar & no pictures. That way we can all pretend it never happened.

  15. sorry guys but my stupid knee is not going to let me go out tonight. ggrrrr. can we make a december date now and things had BETTER be improving for me by then.

  16. @janice twee8 is normally the third weds of every month – December is a special which is here:

  17. I’m coming, and I am looking forward to seeing @ollie facial hair.

  18. This is rapidly getting out of hand. I may need to go into hiding.

  19. :{

  20. Twee8 Movember photo:@ollie @kuxi I think you should both share an end of month photo with the group”

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