twee8 January 2012 meetup (18th at Pub on the Park)

Hello you lovely people :)We have the next twee8 fast approaching and the first of 2012. The date is Wednesday 18th January The time is from 7:30The location Pub on the Park More on Pub on the Park:  http://www.pubonthepark.comYou all know it yeah it’s that one that backs onto London Fields. They have beer and they have food and on Weds they are sure to have lovely people when we rock  up. As usual you can reach us on the evening on the twitter account @twee8 or ping me on @ewebber. Who’s coming?”


  1. Hey I will be going !

  2. @gemmarawlins85 great stuff, I look forward to meeting you

  3. I’m working late but will try to make it along for a pint afterwards- my only convern being whether we can be sure that they’ll play Return of the Mack for us? The beer may be better than the last Twee8, but it’s hard to imagine the entertainment improving… 🙂

  4. Phooey! This clashes with the QSE1 pub crawl I was thinking of going to! Oh gosh, dilemma. Maybe I can go to the pub crawl early, then meet up with you guys later if you’re still in the pub? It’ll be the Hackney spur to my pub crawl that evening.

  5. @quitepeculiar you need to get twee8 in your diary! 3rd weds of every month you can add it to your gmail calendar here

  6. I might pop in even if I’m a newbie, shy and don’t have a twitter account. ^^

  7. i put it on the calendar and will try to swing by. I’ll be the guy with the short hair and the shirt.

  8. @frenchietrombone newbies and people without twitter accounts are very welcome 🙂 Hope to see you there.

  9. is this event still ongoing? I am just checking because I missed the first Yeah! Hackney Band meeting on Monday.See you!

  10. Hi @frenchetrombone yes this meeting is still happening tonight.

  11. Hi @frenchietrombone – yes this is still on tonight

  12. Hi guys Is it 7:30 yet? Shall we have a SOPA themed night and see if the pub will turn all the lights off? See you there

  13. It is a new year’s resolution to come to more Twee8s and post more on here. But I’m supposed to be going to another thing tonight so we shall see. I am firmly back in the bosom of Hackney proper now after wallowing in the faux Islington glamour of Stokie.

  14. @philsheard ???? ,  ???? and ???? Hackney ????

  15. damn, my blackout text failed!

  16. @ewebber it worked in email though @patricksmithjournalist word on the street that the other thing is going to be *rubbish*. That’s not me, that’s the word of the street. (If it’s H&H it’s always over subscribed too 😉

  17. @philsheard well the email plus my tiny Stop SOPA ribbon that’s on the site today is almost like a blackout  – right. yeah @patricksmithjournalist he’s right you know!

  18. @ewebber nice little SOPA ribbon! Leaving work now, going home for a bit to get out of City clothes then will be at the pub 7:30! It’s near me this time no excuse, i’m healthy and no work function this time!

  19. @staystylish – thanks, I am gutted I didn’t do something a bit bigger, but hey, it was a bit last minute and it’s something

  20. Hey I’m gonna leave work as well ! How do we recognize each others in the pub?See you a bit later !

  21. Hey!I’m now in the pub but I can’t find you… ;)If you could text me, my number is 07879514408. Cheers! See you in a short bit hopefully!

  22. @ewebber no the selection is good!! No excuse not to come! It was a great oneLovely to meet some new faces tonight!!

  23. Nice to meet folk last night! I really should make more of an effort to make it along to these things.

  24. Was great to see everyone.A roll call: @philsheard @staystylish @martin @e5ma @ganly @frenchietrombone @bowlofchalk @marty21 me( @ewebber ) and the other Emily (who came back to London to see us, yay!) Did I miss anyone?

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