Twee8 is three – how shall we celebrate

\twee8" The first twee8 by @Tamlyn Twee8 will be 3 in December the first twee8 was actually on 3rd December 2008 (you can see a few recognisable backs of heads in this pic including @kuxi @ollie and myself) and has been running once a month since then. So the question is how do we celebrate this lovely coming together of people in Hackney? Year 1 we spent in the pub year 2 was a pub crawl… they both involved cake (I’m happy to pass this task to someone else this year!) twee8 cake twee8 cake Cakes and cake photos @ewebber We are open for suggestions the official next twee8 date is 21st Dec but we can move that if it’s too close to Christmas. Let us know your ideas?”


  1. Ok first suggestion from me Hai Ha for dinner then to the pub afterwards…. not sure which pub but one of them!”

  2. Pigs ear festival

  3. @monkchips – nice suggestion, it’s already in my diary somewhere.

  4. Never been to the round chapel or a Pig’s Ear festival so +1 from me. p.s.woweee >>>

  5. I’m planning on going there anyway with other people from the internets!!

  6. How come there was never anything cool like this when I used to live literally around the corner of this place?!? They seem only to host events of all sorts of different religions?!

  7. I like the idea of the festival and want to go either way, the only thing is for the birthday celebrations it might be a bit crowded and by the Saturday they will be pretty low on beer – but happy to be outvoted on that. I went last year and as I remember it was snowing… I think we’ll be ok this time round!

  8. I agree that Pigs Ear could be a bit manic for a Twee8, though it would be good to know when folk are planning on going (I’ll be there Tuesday and Saturday). Hai Ha then Duke of Wellington could work on the 21st, or try out the new Irish pub where Anatolia used to be (think it’s called Maddigans)…?Check out the Pigs Ear beer list so far- think I could manage just one of the 13% Pitfield Monster!”

  9. I’m not sure about that bar, looks a bit sports focused rather than beer focused. I’m going to suggest the Dolphin for the lols

  10. Duke of Wellington on Balls Pond Road? It’s got decent beers, and is a nice place, though a bit of a hike from Mare Street!

  11. (I’m not around over xmas anywho so not really a twee8 vote, but I’d like an excuse to check out the Dolphin some time)

  12. I’m liking the sound of Dolphin on the 21st a lot.  Maybe @dirtydolphin could entertain us with some carols? I quite like God Rest Ye Marine Gentlemen.

  13. @goodlegs No sir, the Duke of Wellington on Morning Lane. Darts board pool table juke box cheap ale. Fun times”

  14. It sounds like some kind of consensus on Hai Ha (we can choose the pub a bit later). I can book a table, but I’ll need numbers, so – here’s the vote…Tell me if you can make either weds 14th and/or weds 21st December at 7:30. The most votes wins.Let me know by the end of the week (sun 4th)

  15. (and here i was thinking e would prefer a pm. 😉 ) I can do either, so… 1 vote – 14 Dec1 vote – 21 Dec

  16. Hi there, I could make the 21st

  17. Sadly can’t make either, but have fun!

  18. I can definitely do the 21st, as I know for a fact I’m off that day. The 14th I’d have to switch with someone or hope that I’ll be magically off that day. Please, not the Dolphin. I’m still traumatised. The Jolly Butchers would be an easy place to book a table at on a Wednesday, as would possibly the Shakespeare in Stokey (they do good pizza next door you can bring into the pub!) or maybe the Brownswood way west of Hackney (it’s like Hackneygay!), or there’s the Kenton more easterly. I wouldn’t mind the Duke of Wellington on Ball’s Pond Road, either–they’re owned by the same people who own Mason & Taylor. Them’s the suggestions I got.

  19. sounds like

  20. Vote for 21stHave a Xmas drink after work that day but could make it for 1930 dinner.Actually, Dolphin isn’t traumatic or crazy during \normal” hours on weeknights.”

  21. I can do either 14th or 21st.

  22. Ok, my work Christmas party has just been booked for 14th Dec…. so let’s stick to 21st.I just need a \yes” or “no” from any of you that haven’t already answered saying you want a space at a table at Hai Ha on 21st Dec at 7:30pm

  23. Hai Ha on 21st – yes please.

  24. +1 for Hai Ha for me – thanks Em

  25. 21st Hai Ha – you got it!

  26. Right, I’ve started a new thread for the list of attendees over here: let me know over there if you are coming and you haven’t told me yet.Cheers

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