Twee8 Weds 20th October

What’s the plan guys?


  1. woah I just realised its almost 2 now (November) I’m sure we’ve been having what’s next conversations since then!

  2. Next twee8 looks like it’s on 20th Oct – we’ll be heading to the Pembury for 7 then

  3. I’ll be there.

  4. More like 8.30 tho’.

  5. – I gave up on embedding the map, it never works – so I made my own

  6. i should be there for 7pm but might have a booking the other side of london. looking forward to a catch up though. seems like ages since the last one

  7. I don’t have my wheels so am stuck to the bus, but will do what I can to be there for 7Catch you all there

  8. See you tonight y’all. I’m nursing a hangover so will prob be there early – between 7 and 8

  9. Got my pass authorised, see you after bathtime around 8.30.

  10. @3djamie yay!

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