twee8 do the Kenton Weds 16th March 2011

Votes have been counted and verified, the next twee8 will be at The Kenton on Weds 16th March.The Kenton was named “Best Newcomer” in the London Region in the Great British Pub Awards 2010 after a refurb and serves Pieminster Pies to boot – yumThe Kenton is at 38 Kenton Rd E9 7ABIt currently looks like the Pearl will be next month”


  1. Great, do we have a hit list of venues past?

  2. I’m keeping a gmap updated, screenshot here

  3. How is it physically possible that I’ve never been there? I may even do a pre-#twee8 test run.

  4. so its gonna be a paddys day warm up. do they have guinness on tap? or is that a stupid question?

  5. Any first-timers coming along?

  6. yes, me! do I need an induction?

  7. @saladefolle – no you’ll be fine 🙂

  8. I reckon me and Jack’ll be coming along after a hard day’s work. What time?

  9. From 7ish – if anyone can get there that early, grab a table

  10. Awwr, I’m in Canadia until the 11th April so will miss you lot this week. Happy twee8ing and I’ll catch you at the next one in April – hopefully the terraces will be open by then.PS I love the Kenton

  11. Its been awhile. I will drop in.

  12. @stephenhignell that’s my excuse too. big place so which bit of it are you in? have a good time, everyone!

  13. ‘Sup y’all. Got to bounce on this one so will hit you up in May.Pour one for my homie Nate Dogg RIP

  14. can’t make this one, will make the May one, when it will be summery and we will drink in a pub garden?

  15. @Janice oh dear, apologies for my tardy reply! I hail from the golden prairie oasis of Winnipeg but was there for work so primarily in Ottawa and Toronto with a splendid visit to Montreal.

    And yourself??

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