twee8 December – Weds 15th @ the Scolt Head

It’s coming up to Christmas which makes twee8 December some kind of Hackney tweetup festive special. Added to that it’s twee8 original @ollie‘s birthday the day before, even more reason to celebrate.Weds 15th. Usual place – The Pembury, usual time, 7ish and no having to walk round pubs. Paper hats optional.All welcome. Who can make it?


  1. as its festive season how about somewhere a bit more lively for this one? had a great time on the pub crawl feels like we should get out there a little.

  2. Another venue – crazy talk! yeah sounds like a plan – where would you nominate?@alexpink @9600 @monkchips @ollie @philsheard @3djamie @marty21 @danlight @stephenhignell @nickdonnelly @missdblue what says you?

  3. i hear the Prince George is cozy. Also when I went to the Scoult Head and Talbot they were quite lovely. I’m a bit shocked that the Pembury hasn’t attempted any type of holiday decoration or other frivolity.

  4. Fairly open to ideas, this map shows the Hackney boundary.”

  5. Where/how did you get that map? I might embed it somewhere else on the site

  6. This is radical and I like it. The George is good (and close), and they have tasty snacks. Plus Dalston is easy to get to.

  7. Awfully envious of the pub crawl but I should be over it by the 15th. T’is the season for somewhere with a fireplace… know of any? The George is great if we can get enough seats. The Spurstowe’s got very nice mulled wine, but dark and short on seats when busy too. Happy for any really.

  8. The George could be a good call, easy to get to and we can take over a corner

  9. I’ve never been to one of these. I might try and come to this one.

  10. Also a fan of the george – just to make sure everyones on the same page…

  11. Prince George, Dalston, E8

  12. Lock up your bikes well, thefts here are rampant.

  13. it’s a busy week next week, so not sure if I can make the 15th, I’ll try!

  14. re. locking bikes at the GeorgeCan confirm – thieves come armed with bolt cutters.

  15. Any votes for shoreditch?

  16. How about Scolt Head? There’s moree room. George can get *very* busy. May not all get a seat that close to Xmas.

  17. i’m sure the scolt will also be pretty busy but the back room has easily got enough tables and seats and a pool table

  18. The Scolt also have Trumans on tap

  19. i’m going to try to be there no matter what. scolt or george, either one.

  20. I’m up for the Scolt. They give away free glasses you know.

  21. I’m putting a big vote in for the Scolt Head. Truman’s and plenty of space being the vote winners. But we need to decide I reckon. I vote @ewebber has the casting vote. And if she can’t decide, @alexpinkOver to you!

  22. OK, the Scolt it is then!

  23. Splendid!

  24. Location of The Scolt Head – – I’ll be there a little later than usual but looking forward to it.

  25. Scolt Head, De Beauvoir Town, N1

  26. I’ll be moving house on wednesday (hurrah!). But I’ll wander down afterwards. See you there!

  27. finally! Congrats

  28. nice one @ollie, whereabouts?

  29. Mega – I’ll be there. Looking forward to seeing what all this Truman’s fuss is about

  30. I don’t think I’ve ever head Trumans, after 5 years of living in London. Sadly I’m going to struggle to get to this as I’m going to see the ever festive Godspeed You Black Emperor! at the Troxy. Will endeavour to sneak in for a late/early one though.And as mentioned on Twitter just now – I vote for the Elderfield in later editions, it’s across the road from me!

  31. Some more on Trumans who recently came back with some new (Hackney dwellling) owners the beer we’ll find on tap Runner

  32. I’ll be there (the Scolt), and nice to see some Godspeed fans too!

  33. as ever… bollox. i am away in switzerland on wednesday. i will be grabbing @kuxi @hackneye @alexpink @ewebber @ollie etc for a pint before christmas

  34. We’ll raise a Runner to you 🙂

  35. bah.

  36. If I don’t shift this flu then I won’t be going :-S

  37. @ewebber! feel better soon. that sucks. ginger tea!!! hope you make it tomorrow – hope i do too

  38. No twee8 for me tonight, still full of flu and now @alexpink has it too :(Have fun guys

  39. @ewebber @alexpink oh dear, it’s going around. I’ve finally gotten over mine but it’s left me with the prolonged reminder of a cough. Get well soon! PS I’ll try to make it to the Chatsworth Mkt meeting before Jan’s Twee8, for which I’d be happy with either pub.

  40. i’d like to come and i’d be bringing a couple of strays but if this rain keeps up, i may give it a pass. someone do a reverse rain dance! oh and does anyone know if you can order food if you’re not in the dining area proper? last time i was in there, it was pretty full….

  41. oi oi – sorry to be a 2-time loser but I’m not able to make it across tonight. permission to give me a ruddy good telling off in January. have fun!

  42. How was it guys?

  43. They had a big Christmas dinner in the back room, the fire was going, very festive. Trumans ran out after the first round after which we gradually drank them out of the IPA and ended up with the Brewers Gold. Carried on to the Haggerston which was equally impressive inside.

  44. Sounds like a good festive ale session. I’m disappointed to have missed it. @ollie welcome back to Hackney btw

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