twee8 Birthday Pub jaunt Sat 4th Dec 2010

To celebrate twee8 2nd birthday we will be visiting some local pubs.Starting with the home of twee8 the Pembury Tavern at 4pm. Everyone is welcome, whether you have been before or not. The route looks a bit like this: Link to the google mapWe will be visiting:The PemburyThe ShipThe SpurstowThe GeorgeThe HaggerstonThe Scolt HeadThe Duke of WellingtonWe’ll be tweeting where we are along the way feel free to join at any time along the route.”


  1. Great selection. I am looking forward to it.

  2. i doubt my leg will be up to the whole crawl but since i live so close to pembury, i will come to the opening gambit. am marking myself away from work during that time RIGHT NOW.

  3. @janice Whats wrong with your leg?

  4. hey alex! re my leg – i tore my meniscus (cartilage behind your knee cap) and it’s a long recovery. while i can walk decently it’s a slow and painful process, even more so for those who have to tag along beside me!

  5. Hi Janice – That sounds painful. I once fractured my Fibula and tore my Lateral Collateral ligament, so I know how you feel. Time and Physio sorted me out. Best of luck with it.

  6. I will try and make some of this- keep tweeting and I will find you!

  7. I’ll be there from just after 4.So, what’s the roll call looking like?

  8. I’ll be there from just after 4.So, what’s the roll call looking like?

  9. myself and jo will be there

  10. My body will be in Nottingham on a stag do but I’ll be there in spirit.

  11. I’ll be there, with a scabby head.

  12. I’ll be there, hopefully with cake

  13. I’ll be there, too!

  14. Hopefully.. feeling a bit Tom Dick at the moment, should clear by the weekend.

  15. i have two feather boas (a pink and a black) – and two black masks – anyone want them for new years? mentioning it here in case i can bring them to the pembury

  16. i’ll buy that for a dollar! what kind of masks? full face or just the eyes?

  17. Pub walk – whoop! I’m excited about this.

  18. yay! and there is a very nice smell of baking cake filling my flat in preparation

  19. oooh i hope the cake makes an appearance at pembury, the only stop i can make it to – me and the trusty walking stick! be there at 5 or 10 after. how long are you guys staying?

  20. I’m afraid I can’t make it, I’ve become ill and shan’t leave the house… but tweet away, I’ll be following.

  21. Regular updates please, on here or twitter, I will hunt you down eventually!

  22. @marty21 will probably be foursquaring, keep an eye on my twitter account@stephenhignell boo – hope you feel better soon

  23. i will be there at some point.

  24. @monkchips – great, haven’t seen you in ages

  25. No rugby for me today so I’ll see you at the Pembury.

  26. @ewebber you and your modern ways!, in the olden days a crawl would have been more difficult to organise – you could have rung the pub, or just turn up and hope

  27. Oop, gonna meet some people in ‘the flesh’ who I’ve only encountered on Twitter! See you in The Pembury…

  28. Gotta wait for @alexpink to get back to Hackney and then we will head down – I’m @ewebber on twitter if anyone needs to contact us

  29. i’ll find you via foursquare later on.

  30. I’m wishing I made more banana and walnut cake, I could happily eat some more now

  31. so could i, emily. it was pretty delicious. did you see the photo i posted? i’m still a little at sea on where to appropriately put things. am on track to go to chatsworth market today too and should get there noonish. anyone else going to be there??

  32. @janice – Yup, I saw the photo it’s in the forum (page before this one which is probably the best place for it. We may head to the market today, depending on if we can get up!

  33. it was great meeting you all. looking forward to the next one! happy birthday to us! thanks @ewebber

  34. Good to see you all yesterday @monkchips @kuxi @9600 @janice @ewebber @ollie @3djamie @hackneye @lucypearceox @marty21I feel like death today..

  35. Good to meet those of you who were in the Pembury… @monkchips @janice @ewebber @ollie @3djamie @hackneye @marty21 @alexpink

  36. sadly wasn’t at the Pembury, I joined the crew at the Prince George.

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