twee8 5th birthday super fun times 21st Dec

twee8 5th birthday pub crawl map The twee8 birthday steering committee have been busy planning twee8’s fifth birthday. It will be on Sat 21st Dec and will take the form of a relaxed pub crawl (5 years 5 pubs) ending at the birthplace of twee8: The Pembury Tavern. We will kick off at 1:30 at Farrs School of DancingMoving on to The Prince GeorgeNext up The Cock TavernThen The PloughAnd finally The Pembury Tavern We aim to finish around 6ish but I’m sure drinking will continue who knows we might throw a few other pubs in on the way so keep an eye on twitter to see where we are when. Everyone is welcome from those old hands like me to new shiny people even if you’ve never been before. We also welcome birthday cakes so if you feel like baking please do :)”


  1. This does indeed sound like super fun times, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Hope someone bakes a cake!

  2. Yes, i’m around!! So we’ll have this in place of regular meet on the 18th?

  3. @staystylish yup, this will replace the 18th.

  4. will keep my eye on Twitter since I won’t be finished work till 6. i hope you are still at the pembury though since it’s just across the road and i can get there by 6:05!

  5. Will try to bake something probably cake pops or whole cake (easier to transport)

  6. @staystylish oooh, your cake pops are awesome 🙂

  7. Afraid I’ve been drafted in to work at The Cock Tavern during the day, so I will see you all when you get there. I finish up at 6:30, though, so I’ll be up for twee8 fun and festivities after. Save me some cake!

  8. at some point yes but not for the whole blooming thing. may have the kids with me!

  9. I’ll be there. In Farr’s around 2, and should be around til 5.30 ish. So, plenty time!

  10. yep, in. might bring the kiddie too

  11. I’llbe late. Baking and hangover do not go as planned 🙁

  12. Sorry guys, baking is not happening. Only managed to get out of bed now. Will prolly be there for the 2nd pub

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