twee8 18th July 2012: Craftbeer-tastic!!

A hint of a pub opening and we are there!The newly redone Cock Tavern on Mare Street is set to on the 18th July (they must have heard about our need for pub openings at twee8) it’s pending their licence hearing but let’s assume it will be open and head on down. Date: Weds 18th JulyAddress: 315 Mare Street (you can’t get more Hackney central than that!)Time: From 7pm til close

The Cock Tavern E8


  1. YES.

  2. @fuckyeahhackney that’s the spirit! You’ve just boosted our likelihood by an extra 3% makingit a grand total of 94% now.

    — The Cock Tavern E8 (@TheCockTavernE8) June 25 2012

    If we believe we can make it happen :)”

  3. How’s this shaping up? Mostly cos I want to know if I need to eat first/bring along some food! Fooooooooood.

  4. @janice We’re headed there for 7 as long as it’s open, then will be there ’til close, so I’m suer you can get some food in before you come.

  5. Looks like I can make this one. Will I see @ollie @monkchips @3djamie @hackneye @stephenhignell @patricksmithjournalist @katybeale @goodlegs @marty21 @staystylish ?Saw @philsheard over the weekend, said he can’t make this one. He’s just not been the same since he left Hackney 🙂

  6. expect to see @onceuponatom and his yet-to-be-bullied-into-joining friend. meant to take a look today to see if they are on target for opening.

  7. I have a drinks thing at 6pm, then a travel/more drinking event at 8ish. Then I’m going to try and make it back to our manor for this too. What sort of state I’ll be in by then, though, I can’t say… but I’ll get my homing beacon on and try my best.

  8. Yesss, I can make it this week!

  9. They are all set for opening tonight, woop! I have to be somewhere else at 7, so will be along a little later than usual, don’t drink the bar dry before before I get there!

  10. great news. not sure what time i’ll be there but be there i shall…with friends. however, i always look for emily’s face to recognise our group (crap eyesight, honestly – you guys are memorable – so if you know/see me wave me over, how about i use my red cane (even tho i don’t need it so much any more) so you know me. lol

  11. Can’t make this one unfortunately (got a pitch tomorrow) but will def be there for August one! Have fun…

  12. I’ll be heading down at about half 9- great news that they’ll be ready for today!

  13. right on, see you at the bar

  14. @kuxi Yes, I need to go home and drop off gym gear, so i’ll be there 19:15ish. See you all tonight! x

  15. Yay @stephenhignell and @staystylish . That’s great re the Canadian contingent tonight, along with the honourary Canuck @Onceuponatom – who’s bringing the butter tarts? Ugh, it’s always about the food. (Any other Canadians I don’t know about?)

  16. I might crash along drunk at 10:50. I’ll be the one challenging my own reflection to a fight.

  17. See you there (new username, same face).

  18. I may even be able to make this one – my first ever. I am not Canadian. Despite this, I hope you will make me feel welcome. If not, I shall run away and cry.

  19. @janice OH EM GEEZ!!! BUTTER TARTS?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh how i miss you butter tarts!! There might even be a tear of joy if i see one… ON MY WAY NOW x

  20. Thanks to everyone that made it along last night, it was much fun – I’ll do part of a role call, but please add those I didn’t get to talk to!@monkchips @withoutnations @stephenhignell @staystylish @anttix @deedee @euan @hackneye @kuxi @al_osaur @quitepeculiar @janice @mattyc @onceuponatom @adamelectric …. who did I miss?

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