Tube Strikes

Hello.Were you affected by the Tubes Strikes that we had this week, if so I would like to hear from you, this is a journalistic news piece for Met Today. Looking forward to your replies.


  1. Yes @theo and I don’t commute so wouldn’t generally expect to be affected. However, on Weds I had to get to Euston for a train and left with plenty of extra time for what is usually a thirty-minute journey. Sadly, despite all kinds of tweaking, I was four minutes late for my train, with a non-transferable ticket. I went to the Virgin train ticket hall and told the cashier, Even allowing extra time, I just missed my train. What’s the best deal you can give me for two on another train to Manchester? He took my tickets and wrote on them ‘Pass on to 11am’ and asked for no money. I was really grateful and thought this is Londoners pulling together. What a great gift!

  2. On Wednesday evening i was making my way to Waterloo for a live show recording. Usually the journey across two buses would take 40 minutes but took over an hour and a half. (In the end i got off early and walked the remaining 10 minutes as the bus wasn’t moving).
    I arrived to the building 10 minutes after the doors had been closed and no more people were allowed to enter. I was really shocked how long it took to get there – the bus wasn’t even that busy.

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