Transport during the 2012 games

I just read this on the Hackney Council website:Hackney 2012 hotspots revealed by TfL are Hackney Wick Station will be busy It may take over 30 minutes to access Central and Jubilee line services and there will be 200 more buses across London.More details from TfL here:”


  1. Good to hear about the extra buses.While transport running an extra hour each night is better than nothing, visitors will still be shocked at these relatively early closing hours (especially given the over 30 mins it will take to access central/jubillee line services).

  2. I can’t imagine where those extra buses will go, especially If roads are being taken away for express routes for olympic VIPs!

  3. Good point.  Probably won’t be the most direct routes!

  4. I meant that to be how will they fit on the already busy roads, I’m assuming they won’t just be going to the Olympics. I’m more concerned with how it will affect my journey to work.

  5. An interactive map on how transport is predicted to be affected

  6. Good find there, unfortunately Londoners will be paying more than expected for this service…especially now with tube drivers rejecting a windfall of 500 each for simply doing their regular jobs during the games.(All the more reason to ensure everyone makes the most of the events and parties!)

  7. I’m reluctant to believe anything that comes out of the Daily Mail, so I’d wait on a more reliable source for that info.But I am dreading trying to get to work during the games, I live in Hackney and need to get to Tower Bridge every day.

  8. Its been extensively documented that the RMT is holding our for more than £500, and who can blame them, seeing as Bob Crow negotiated a £2500 deal for DLR ‘captains’ (ie door openers) to turn up to work during the Olympics. Understandably bus drivers also want some of the action: Here’s the more politically acceptable story on the RMT from the BBC: I personally cant stand Bob Crow because of the amount of money that we as taxpayers and commuters have to pay tube drivers (whose salaries are well above the norm for their skill set and are approaching those of airline pilots now). You have to admire his style though and the way he effortlessly hoodwinks people into believing that this somehow has something to do with worker solidarity. He’s well worth his £150k plus benefits pay deal that for sure comrades.”

  9. There is a more up to date post with TfL links about travel during the games over here:

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