Tours of Hackney

Hi. I’ve been leading tours of London and mainland Europe for five years now, so I’ve decided to do this in my home, Hackney. I’m offering walking, cycling and even running tours. It’s been fascinating find out about the history of the borough, but I’m aware I’m only just scratching the surface! If anyone’s got any tips or ‘must-sees’ then I’d love to hear them. I’m particularly interested in the quirky and alternative side of the borough – e.g The Angry Brigade or characters like Marie Lloyd and Marc Bolan. Too many tours get hung up on dates or history that people can’t relate to, so I want to keep it short and punchy. I’m also really interested in the radical side of Hackney – dissenters, feminists, radicals, the 43 Group, squatters etc. I like a bit of social history too. Alternatively, you might want to hire me or collaborate with me? Tours can be easily combined with other events and locations. I’m also toying with some sort of Social Enterprise, post-riots. It’d be nice to give something back… Looking forward to anything anyone’s got to say. Cheers,Simon