Toshiba DVD Player

Barely used as we got a PS3 soon after this rendering it somewhat redundant. Comes with remote control and manual-£20.


  1. still have it? ours is intermittently useless…

  2. @ClaptonPieman just checking you saw the message from @janice

  3. Thanks Claire and yes Janice its yours if you want it. Let me know and I’ll pop it around to you. Mike.

  4. Not sure who Claire is, but making sure @janice see’s this (an @ reply will send an email)

  5. Thats how I sometimes spell Emily. C-L-A-I-R-E…Emily. But yeah, cheers.

  6. Let me find a free day and PM you 🙂 Or are you coming to our November Twee8?

  7. Not sure what one of them is Janice(twee8)but feel free to fill me in. M.

  8. Twee8 is this!”

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