Tonight at Ryan’s Bar Hackney’s own ‘The Microdance’, shoegaze legends – ‘SPC ECO’ & mentalists Dark

Wowzers! 2 of London’s finest noise-bending bands & former label mates who have both been exploding far bigger venues with their incendiary live sets share the same stage in this intimate Stoke Newington gem…..Along with the firestorm mayhem of 2 piece Darkshaft who will most probably tear your face off with their perfectly crafted blend of punk, rockabilly & Metal!The Microdance:\Blending the swooning majesty of The Smashing Pumpkins at their most tender with the rocking pop glory of early Suede The Microdance deliver a meticulously crafted masterclass in atmospheric swirling post-punk shoegaze. Dreamy ethereal and utterly bewitching” – Bloody Awful Poetry “At the crossroads of punk & rockabilly blues & metal (if there is such a magical place) you will find these two gentlemen. Handsome loud & charmingly jaded Darkshaft deliver duo-vocal melodic rage with beats & a Bigsby to boot. Rock & roll just got Darker. Shaftier. And tastier.” ECO: Forerunners in the modern Shoegaze scene & featuring former Curve man Dean Garcia these guys produce a magical soaring blend of sonic joy and infectious melodies. DJs Redding and Durst playing the finest mix of Alt Shoegaze New Wave Classic Rock Pop Motown Wotevs!!!With more radical acts to be added this promises to be an enchanting evening :)Pay what you want upon entering or exiting but don’t nick the kitty! RSVP HERE for a chance to win free music from The Microdance:”