Timber merchant and furniture maker

Does anyone know of a good timber merchant in the Hackney area who will sell just small quantities for domestic use? I’m hoping to try my hand at making myself a bookcase and maybe some other bits of wood furniture and just need to know a good place to get decent quality wood.Also, does anyone know of a local furniture maker who could possibly help out with just simple joins or bits of more technical wood cutting that I might need doing, just in case I can’t manage it all myself. I don’t envisage asking someone to do the whole lot though, just to help out with the bits I can’t manage.Thanks, Holly


  1. There aren’t a great selection of merchants in Hackney, but you could try DW Wood Machinists in Edmonton; they supply a variety of sheets materials and a bit of timber. And they can cut to size as well. Sounds like you might be better off with something like birch plywood though if you’re doing shelving. Or mdf-cut-to-size in Bow are also useful. I may well be able to help you with the unmanageable bits too if you’re stuck.

  2. I like General Woodwork Supplies on Stoke Newington High Street. Can’t say what their timber supplies are like for your needs but they seem to have a fair selection and they’re very helpful chaps.”

  3. Thanks for the info. Sounds like it’s not that easy to get hold of decent timber locally then, but will looks those places up.I might need someone to help with doing some dovetail joints, so if you’d be able to help out with that then let me know.

  4. Unfortunately, there aren’t any sizeable timber merchants in Hackney anymore, but the smaller places still might be able to help you. There’s also KTS on Kingsland Road – maybe try them: http://www.kts4diy.com/index.htmlAnd I’m sure I could help out on some dovetail joints when you get to that stage.

  5. Hello, i may be a little late on this one as i have only just joined the group but i am currently do a major refurbishment on my own house and we are sourcing quite a lot of timber.  The two companies we use are Lawsons near Caledonian Road (they do free delivery on orders over £100) and Deben Buildbase in Dalston (free delivery on orders over £50).  They may not be appropriate for the project you are doing.  I definitely agree with the someone elses post about General Woodwork Supplies on the High Street, they are very helpful and friendly and there is a good and cheap timber merchant on Leigh Bridge road in Leyton.Hope this helps.

  6. Don’t worry not too late – I have been on holiday so not got round to this project yet! Will definitely do so soon though. Thanks for the info.

  7. I would recommend HBS on clapton high street. http://www.homebuilds.co.uk/ Although please ignore their cheezy website music.”

  8. hey @andrewdfda, sorry for being pedantic, but what you call Clapton High Street is actually called Upper Clapton Road ;). I have to say HBS are well-stocked and helpful, but they are pricey. I like supporting a local shop, so I usually ask for a cheeky discount on the count of being a long-standing customer. In any case they are more helpful and knowledgeable than the twits at the DYI chain up the road….

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