Thursday 18th October 9pm, free film night (and popcorn) at the Lumiere

After our little incident last Sunday Encounters With The Obscure is back this Thursday the 18th October, at 9pm.The next two weeks will be focusing on Romanian filmmakers, starting with Corneliu Porumboiu’s film ‘A fost sau n-a fost?’ or bettern known as ’12:08 East of Bucharest’, released in 2006.The feature film is a humorous approach on the Romanian Revolution of 1989, which culminated with the end of the communist regime.The English title of the film refers to the exact time (12:08pm on 22nd December 1989) when Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu fled Bucharest following the collapse of the government.Join us for a relaxed Thursday film night. It’s all free, including the popcorn.

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