Through an Affectionate Lens @ Hackney Museum

Images of Hackney and Beyond by Tony HallFebruary 8 – May 21 Image of Hackney and Beyond An exhibition of drawings cartoons and photographs taken by Hackney resident Tony Hall in the 1960s. Tony worked for the Evening Standard and the Sun/News of the World as a political cartoonist.The photos are rough proofs found in an old tin trunk after his death in 2008. His wife Libby says ‘They show not just the affection Tony felt for his neighbours and the streets but also a sense of history. Here are memories of the way we shopped the way we dressed and of streets wonderfully free of cars.'”


  1. Has anyone been to see this? It looks really interesting.

  2. I’ve seen it and can recommend it @alexpink the quality of the photographs are excellent. If I am passing the Museum again I will definately have another look.

  3. @traxcitement Thanks for letting me know, I must get down there.

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