Three Sisters – closing for refurbishment

Cheap booze available at the Three Sisters until 1st Nov. when it closes for refurbishment (oh, I do hope for the better).


  1. Splendid I think I’ll pop down and ask what theyre planning while im there.

  2. Did you get an update on their plans?

  3. I didnt – i never managed to get down there in the end, waylaid at Biddles. Ive driven past a few times though and the lack of any actual work makes me worry slightly, as does no work whatsoever at the Cricketers.

  4. A constant hive of inactivity at 3 Sisters. Who could forget their legendary attempt to sell the pub by putting a notice and mobile number on the external chalk board. Feels like a bad episode of The Apprentice.

  5. And now the pub appears to have reopened with absolutely no changes whatsoever!

  6. The 3 sisters has now closed and is becoming The Star, more over here:

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