THIS SUNDAY Free gig by 12 piece Balkan Brass Band on Chatsworth Rd THIS SUNDAY!!

Come one, come all to a free gig by the Mak Murtic Ensemble, a 12 piece Balkan Brass Band that’ll be playing in the garden of 33 Chatsworth Road(on the corner of Dunlace and Chatsworth roads) from six ’til eight on this Sunday the shopfront will be running a licensed bar from one o’clock featuring amongst other things a selection of bottled ales from the London Fields Brewery, and we’re delighted to announce we’ll also be hosting Fumio and his Okonomiaki, delicious savoury pancakes from Japan.


  1. Oh that sounds really fun but I don’t think I’ll be back in time 🙁

  2. Awesome :)I’ll be there later, who else is coming down?

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