there must be some photos somewhere: Clapton Beauty Parlour Lower Clapton Road

,dose anyone have any photos of clapton beauty parlour at 21 Lower Clapton Road,as i am trying to bring back the history of the shop and have some photos to put up,it was founded in 1930 so there must be some photos somewhere..dawn


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  2. Hi @cbphackneyhave you had a look at the Hackney Archives? Unfortunately they are between moving at the moment, but you can have a look at some of their photos online

  3. just added it to my favorites,thanks

  4. @cbphackney @ewebber you can still get information and photos from Hackney Archives by emailing them
    I looked through some of my books, but all photos are further up the road near the old baths. I can tell you that the shop is locally listed.

  5. @cbphackney one of The Clapton Beauty Parlour from 1984 here… hair stylists Solarium now open.”

  6. Look on my flickr post.

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