Therapy Room to Rent By The Day, Chatsworth Road, E5

Therapy Room to Rent By The Day, Chatsworth Road, E5

We are opening a shop June 2014 which will be for kids clothes, gifts and high quality craft, also a meeting place and friendly place to be. We are going to have many women, mothers to be and children so treatments which are aimed around families and pregnancy are perfect.

The shop is on the main crossroads of Chatsworth Road, with a great corner presence and great footfall especially on Sundays where it is the centre of the market. The shop is on the ground floor with a corner door. There is access to a kitchen and lavatory downstairs.
We will have a Therapy room at the rear of the shop on the ground floor which will be rented out by the day.

We are looking for the following:
Allergy Testing
Cranio Sacral for Newborns

And we are open to other uses.

It is a very small room with space for a massage couch and small side table.
If you are interested please email as soon as possible so we can start promoting your practice.

£50 per day flat rate. We are looking for people to do the same day every week.
We offer £20 per day for the first month.
We would like 2 month term with 2 weeks paid upfront.

We will be working hard on the advertising, using social media as well as flyering and print adverts. We believe this venture will be highly successful as there are no alternative therapy venues in the area.

Please email
Kimberley (Mini Magpie)
Peter (Born Again Kidswear)