The Windsor Castle E5 due for a new owner?

I heard recently that the Windsor castle has closed and may have a new owner soon (one who has a bar in Dalston). This is just from local chatter rather than anything concrete. Does anyone know any more info?


  1. I heard something about pizza! There’s a lot of pizza talk in Clapton these days!I also heard that big money bar owners have been looking around for a space in the area.Work has started and the name has been taken off the building. I might go ask what they’re up to!

  2. Its no real surprise, really, when you see how well the Clapton Hart and Princess of Wales have done. Please, not another pizza place, though!

  3. There’s a distinct gap in the market for a pub with a Thai kitchen. The Railway Tavern on King Henry’s Walk (N1) is a great example of this done well. But yes, no more pizza!

  4. A pub with a Vietnamese kitchen is what Hackney would be best at.

  5. The Windsor Castle is to become a gastropub to open in “6 to 8 weeks”. The owners are the same crowd that run The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch and Birthdays in Dalston.”

  6. Where did you get that info, Benjamin?

  7. Well, that is Vice Magazine then. According to their wiki page they run those two places.

  8. @gavinredknap I just asked one of the guys who was working on the exterior. Very forthcoming with info, and yes, he did mention that they also ran Vice magazine.

  9. Birthdays has a restaurant called Rita’s on its ground floor. Apparently the same people also run White Rabbit, again in Dalston. The following article points out that the latter is owned by four people, including the owner of the Macbeth. I dont quite know what the link is with Vice magazine, but I’m sure there is something. Cue magazines shortly declaring Clapton the new Dalston.

  10. I heard a while back that they looked at the Elephants Head/Fitzgerald’s, so there might be some truth to all the rumours.

  11. @euan Unless the guys working on the Windsor Castle are involved in some very well-researched BS, I think it safe to say this is more than rumours.

  12. If theyve been looking, you can bet your life that the bigger breweries are as well. The planning app for the Cricketers did not envision a bar/ restaurant, but that could easily change with an amendment. The Elephant’s Head is an obvious one that doesnt need much work, while the Lord Cecil will need significant work done on it before its ever brought back to use. And recent developments with the Three Sisters/ Windsor Castle go to show how stupid it was to close down the Chesham Arms. Hopefully they’ll be made to see the error of their ways. That’s all for a year down the line for now, though. For now, Im looking forward to a summer where I’ll be able to have a decent pub crawl close to home. Shame there isnt a proper pub on Chatsworth Road itself though. Benjamin – perhaps theyre working undercover for Wetherspoons?

  13. I have been informed that It’s a collaboration between Vice guys (The Old Blue Last and Birthdays) and others including the people behind the Spurstowe Arms and The Royal Oak (Columbia Rd)

  14. Their application for a variation to the licence is in the name of The Windsor Castle; I’m guessing that means they have no intention of changing the name… but I could be wrong of course.

  15. I think Im right in saying that the Clapton arms got knocked back for post 11pm weekday openings, though it and Biddles are both open to midnight on weekends. Also looks like a new pub is opening next to the Dolphin at 171 Mare Street? Its a nice touch to call it the Flying Horse, which is the name of a long lost pub on Mare street.

  16. Can we keep this thread to the Windsor Castle (as titled) and start new ones about new topics, this makes the site easier to navigate and easier to find content in the future.Thanks

  17. Wow. Sorry.

  18. @gavinRedknap again, this is to help others find content and get involved with conversations, a new thread on the Flying Horse would be a great idea.

  19. I just mentioned it as a side note, though, based on that link that Benjamin supplied, and given I couldnt find anything else about it. I appreciate the desire to keep issues separate but there is something to say for allowing conversations to meaner somewhat, otherwise it just becomes rather officious.

  20. @gavinredknap can we just get back to the thread please. thanks.

  21. I went to the Windsor Castle a couple of times – not that upset that it has closed tbh, it was a bit….shit tbh, be interesting to see if this new place takes custom from the Hart, or attracts new customers to the area, which will attract new bars,etc – are we becoming ‘Hoxtonized’ ?

  22. I can’t help feeling there’s plenty more business for more places like the Clapton Hart, given the changes in the population in recent years. With the Windsor Castle, Clapton Hart and Biddles within a stone’s throw of each other, I think it would only take one or two more venues to open before the area begins to feel like more of a destination for a night out. I doubt it will ever reach Hoxton levels, but the changes in Hackney have surprised me so much in the last few years, who can say? We’re already starting to see a clustering of new/upmarket businesses near the Windsor Castle part of LCR, and this may create a snowball effect.

  23. I definitely think LCR has more potential for night time economy than elsewhere in the area – Hackney Central/Downs etc. Out on Saturday night at Riley’s (which is awesome), you could definitely imagine revellers hopping from bar to bar, especially with Windsor Castle re-opened. I think late night licensing might be an issue though – there’s only so many licensed premises already, and Riley’s struggled to get a license in their old place over the road. That might restrict further development. I just hope the word doesn’t get out too much!

  24. blog post up about the new owners over here:

  25. Nice piece and the new owners come across really well – really looking forward to this place opening now.  Be good to have a local within crawling distance of where I live now…

  26. Jason – you could have just crawled immediately over the road to Biddles? As I wrote on the page there, the Windsor, Biddles and Riley’s help to form a nice little destination cluster for Clapton now (with the Hart, Elderfield and Three Sisters – yes i will call it that – close by). All I hope for now is that the Cecil, Cricketers and Elephant’s Head can be saved. By the way – and I know Im at risk of a slap-down for inappropriate information sharing by saying it here – the ever-empty De Bysto has now shut and there appears to be something going on inside. What chance a return of the Amhurst Arms?

  27. I’m really looking forward to the Windsor, and they have a really big bar, which is good news. It was great to have a look round, but will be even better to be in there with pint in hand.

  28. I was going to say just that, actually. The one painful thing in the Clapton Hart is standing ijn a queue at the ridiculously tiny bar. The Windsor Castle’s is expansive.

  29. Thanks for your kind words guys – it’s been great to get such a positive response! If you have any further questions feel free to send them my way; there’s loads of stuff we’re still in the process of sorting out but we’ll certainly be able to announce more specifics over the next couple of weeks.

  30. Looks like a relatively high profile chef will be heading up the kitchen: Oliver Rowe who used to head up Konstam – a seasonal restaurant in Kings X. Imagine it will be a little less fancy for Clapton and hopefully not too close to what Shane’s on Chatsworth Road do. But great that it’s not just another high margin pizza in a pub setup! And from his twitter looks like it’ll be opening early May.”

  31. The opening date is set:

  32. A tantalising half-glimpse of the menu…windsor castle menuI sense this place won’t be the social melting pot that some are hoping for.”

  33. I’m sure I’ll get slated for this, but Windsor Castle have published their menu and I think it looks reasonably priced for the kind of dishes they’re doing – and there are a good range of price points too e.g. omelette if you fancy it! Haven’t been yet but popping along tomorrow. Heard it’s been mobbed already.”

  34. Had a meal there on Sunday, I had the bream, mrs21 had the belly pork, both were excellent. Cost us £29 for the 2, with a drink each – pint for me , water for mrs21 – so not cheap – but food was excellent.

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