The White Building, Community arts centre, Hackney Wick

The White Building There is a lot of new building going on in Hackney Wick this one is for a new community arts centre:Community Arts Centre Hackney Wick 2011David Kohn Architects in collaboration with Exploration Architecture is working on the design of a community arts centre in Hackney Wick on the edge of the Olympic site due to open in 2011. The project was won through invited competition in 2010.Hackney Wick and Fish Island are located immediately west of the Olympics site and have been identified by the London Development Agency as a key component of the ‘Olympic Fringe’. These areas are integral to the LDA’s vision that the Legacy of the 2012 Olympics will fundamentally improve conditions – physical social and economic – across East London.Design for London as part of the LDA is taking out a 10 year lease on the property an existing Victorian warehouse most recently used as a printworks on the canal at Queen’s Yard White Post Lane in Hackney Wick. The building benefits from canal frontage that will become a public space designed by Muf Architecture Art. The building will be managed by Space Studios a charitable organization that provides affordable studio space for artists across London.The competition entry proposed that the White Building be a space for creativity that:1 Is built by local people for local people2 Foregrounds the pleasures of making3 Resonates with the history of the area4 Works with the existing building fabric5 Demonstrates innovative sustainable design6 Is realised affordably and quickly7 Shows a past and future London at the OlympicsThe White building The White Building The White building From”


  1. I’m not sure if this has been confirmed yet but fingers crossed this will still go ahead!

  2. The project has just gone out to tender, so should be happening in the New Year!

  3. And now it’s open;

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