The Uncommercial Traveller: Punch Drunk/Arcola Theatre

I just got some tickets for this, looks ace:

An immersive theatre experience.
Inspired by The Uncommercial Traveller, Charles Dickens’ account of his wanderings around London, Arcola Theatre and Punchdrunk Enrichment present an unexpected encounter in a surprising East London location.

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  1. Ooh thanks for pointing this out. Hadn’t heard about it.

    Punch Drunk productions are not to be missed and generally sell out very quickly so get on it.

  2. yeah, not a lot of tix left and I’m away for most of the time it’s on.
    I saw Faust years ago in Wapping, it was amazing

  3. Missed that but caught Mask of the Red Death and the Duchess of Malfi. They were both eye-popping experiences

  4. On the back of my experience of Faust, Punch Drunk could probably announce that they were selling hot dogs in Clapham and I’d buy a ticket and trek across London just to find out what they were up to.

    Still seem to be some tickets left (picked up two for the last Sunday) but I’d expect them to sell out quickly.

  5. I missed this bit yesterday…

    Expand the experience

    The Uncommercial Traveller – the headphone journey
    Tickets – Free

    The headphone journey is a self-conducted experience in which you can follow a downloadable map and audio guide (available here from Monday 20 June). The map and audio guide will set you off on a journey which begins outside Hackney Town Hall and lasts approximately 45 minutes (audiences are advised to start their journey at least 1 hour before their chosen performance time).

    You can download it from here:

  6. Drats. Missed the The Uncommercial Traveller show … have downloaded the audio tour \expanded experience” to take a walk around hackney with incurable curiosity.”

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