The Tram Shed Depot E5 8BQ

This scheme is for the redevelopment of the Tram Depot site. The application is currently scheduled to be presented to the 4 April Planning Committee.Application Number: 2010/2879Application Registered: 08-12-2010 Comments Until: 31-01-2011 Site Address: 38 – 40 Upper Clapton Road London E5 8BQ Application: Type Full Planning Permission Development Type: Full Planning Proposal: Demolition of existing industrial building and partial demolition of the existing Tram Shed, and erection of five buildings ranging in height from two storeys to seven storeys, including the renovation of the Tram Shed, for a mixed use development comprising 85 residential units, and 1867 sqm of use Class B1(c) (light industrial) floorspace, with associated landscaping, parking and a new pedestrian route linking Casimir Road to Upper Clapton Road. Current Status: REGISTERED Applicant: Mr Sean Meadows Agent: Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects Limited Wards: Leabridge (K) Location Co ordinatesEasting 534889 Northing 186351 Case Officer / Tel: Adam Flynn 020 8356 8095 Existing Land Use: Business, Office other than within Class A2 , Research & Development Proposed Land Use: Business, Office other than within Class A2 , Research & Development Full details here


  1. On the other hand, this IS something of a monstrosity. If done carefully enough, the development of the tram sheds – and its a bloody large site remember – could be done in a way that is economically viable and provides for small business/ provides a focal point for the community. I dont think it does that in its current from.

  2. What a sea of brick! I really wish planners would get passed this brick logic. Maybe we should be thankful for the Great Fire of 1666, otherwise I suppose planners would be obliging developers to clad their buildings in stick-on faux-wattle-and-daub with a \thatch” roof. It sounds ridiculous but it’s the same logic they’re applying now.”

  3. This is the proposed building:Tram depot planning applicationThe hearing for this application is on Monday 4th April at 6:30pm at the Town Hall.I have heard that there is a demo outside from 5:30pm beforehand if people wish to join in.As usual with planning hearings I am assuming those who have registered in advance are able to have time to talk at the hearing.

  4. The tramshed, vote last night was 4:3 in favour of the the developer.I’m trying to find out any more information.

  5.…has a good write-up of the meeting. I’m not sure from reading this though whether it’s all totally over, or whether there are any further possibilities for this travesty to be overturned.

  6. I’m not sure there is, I’ll see what I can find out.I’m so sad to see this part of our heritage go.

  7. It is so terrible, and it’s not just the destruction of the heritage that’s so upsetting, it’s the fact that what’s going in its place is so awful and imposing. The simple fact of the matter is that Hackney planning are not well skilled/resourced enough to be up to the task of fighting off aggressive developers. I guess that’s always been the case and I’m new to this game, but it’s still so terrible to see irreversible changes happening to our local area.

  8. @philaldis I don’t think they have the resources to deal with the speed of development in the borough that covers areas like Shoreditch and Dalston and (in my experience) the skills – with the recent cuts, I can’t see how this is going to get better.

  9. how sad and disappointing… from what I’ve seen over the years, I would question who the folks at the council are working for: the people of Hackney and local heritage, or the developpers?I’ve enjoyed going to the Tram Depot for exhibitions, as well as used the foam-cutting business located there, and it’s such a shame all this, on top of a great historic building, will be gone soon.

  10. A new cafe/studio/gallery space has opened, haven’t been there yet – the article describes Clapton as potentially the new Dalston ! lol

  11. I’ve just been to the wonderful new coffee shop: The Tram Depot. It’s absolutely fantastic, and a wonderful addition to Clapton. Great coffee, a beautiful interior and relaxed vibe. (Haven’t tried the food yet).

  12. I popped in for a coffee this afternoon and it was the best brew I’ve had in a long while. Sadly the mural by Run has gone but apparently there is going to be something else coming soon!

  13. Looks like there’s a new buyer with a much more sympathetic attitude to concerns in the local area. I got this email via some local residents today:


    Below is more information about the consultations taking place next week about the future of the Tram Depot. Hope you can attend.

    The consultations will take place at The Round Chapel on Lower Clapton road 2pm – 8pm on 30 and 31 July.

    The consortium who have recently acquired the Tram Depot site (and who operate under the name of Upper Clapton Ltd for the purposes of this specific development) are employing consultants Voist to undertake a consultation exercise on the future redevelopment of the Tram Depot site at 38-40 Upper Clapton Road . Voist is a communications company who have designed Mapify, an online tool which collects data, maps local organisation networks and visualises different aspects of a local community. The theory is that the data gathered will be used by Upper Clapton Ltd in shaping aspects of their development proposals. How far UC Ltd are genuinely prepared to be guided by the results of the Mapify exercise remains to be seen.

    It is important that where possible local residents do attend the consultation event at the Round Chapel on Lower Clapton Road which is taking place from 2.00pm – 8.00pm on 30 and 31 July. The development proposals will be on display and there will be an opportunity to give your views to Voist and to the architects. You can also view and comment on the development plans at

    The consultation period will run between Wednesday 30th July – Wednesday 6th August, so don’t miss your chance to get involved and influence a major development in your neighbourhood.

    It should be borne in mind that the Tram Depot is designated a Priority Employment Area by Hackney Council and would be an ideal hub for creative and digital small businesses for example. It is also locally listed by Hackney Council to reflect its historical significance as a rare survivor of the horse tram era.

    If you would be interested in visiting the Tram Depot in the company of the last remaining artist on site, do let me know.

    With best wishes


    In addition to the public consultation on 30 and 31 July on the future of the Tram Depot, the consultancy Voist have been commissioned by the developer to hold a focus group meeting, see below:


    The HackShop invites key community members to join our focus group where we will discuss:

    * The new proposals for the Tram Depot
    * What makes Clapton great
    * What problems you might be facing and how the new development might help address them
    * Build a network map of Clapton

    Come along and help shape the new development to best serve local businesses and organisations in Clapton.

    The HackShop will be held on:
    Tuesday 29th July 4pm – 8pm
    The Round Chapel Centre for Performing Arts, Powerscroft Road,
    Hackney, E5 0PU

    Please confirm your attendance by emailing

    Personally I think this is a very decent approach by the company after the bitterness of what went on before. Frankly, considering what was being demanded by some locals at the time, I would have thought most firms would have just got on with building what already had planning permission rather than trying to re-start a dialogue. This email already hints at opposition to them, despite what theyre doing with Mapify.

    I hope the local pressure groups/ individuals approach this with a friendly attitude, otherwise they mind squander a real opportunity to improve this development for the greater good.

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