The Royal wedding bank holiday celebrations in Hackney

Seems like there is lots of happenings on 29th April, whether you are celebrating Will and Kate’s big day or letting your hair down on a bonus bank holiday, so I thought I’d start to collect them here. Please add to the list: Land of Kings Festival Dalston’s Royal Get Together 28th – 29th April The Prince Arthur have a screening of the wedding at with a DIY wedding gift competition Maiden shop shoreditch 6pm and 9pm on Thursday evening for the opening of MY BIG FAT ROYAL WEDDING.


  1. The Leonard Street (Shoreditch) Royal Wedding Street Party with The Book Club: complete with a Chas n’ Dave tribute act

  2. I cant tell whether this is real or not, what do you think? it is its a ROYAL BLUNDER indeed!!!

  3. Baby bathhouse are doing a Stoke Newington street party 1pm ’til late

  4. There’s a street party on Wilton Way too, can’t find anything online about it but there’s a notice in the cafe on said street

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