The Plough Hackney

Another pub opening in Hackney soon.They have a twitter account as well with a bit of info.


  1. Plough

  2. Really good to see. This is a beautiful old building too. If it proves successful – given its positon it is a bit of a gamble but nevertheless – perhaps it wil help to convince the owner of the Chesham not to be so bone-headed and re-open the pub.

  3. I reckon if this is a success, then we’ll see the Adam & Eve (another fine large pub building) get a revamp within a year.

  4. The Adam and Eve is a fairly decent pub already, while the Jackdaw and Stump is as horrific as its name suggests but always seems fairly busy. Im wondering what’s happening now with the Cecil – the scaffolding has been taken down recently. Guess theyre just going to sit on the derelict building and hope for an unfortunate fire or two..

  5. Looking forward to seeing it open. The guys taking it over are expecting a late July or early August opening, from when they popped into The Five Points Brewing Company a couple of weeks ago. They seem to have an interest in local brewers, which is a good sign. Or at least the brewery I work for, which is still a good sign. 😀

  6. Very excited about this. Especially if they are going to stock beer from local breweries. Perfect location for a beer on the way home from work for people living in Homerton and Lower Clapton.

  7. Since I have lived in Hackney this place has always been a dead loss, so pleased to see it re-opening. Apart from the Cecil, which is sadly neglected, the area now has real choice. I lived here when the Cecil was open but never got to one of their reggae nights. I have been popping into Kino now and again, and find it pleasant but rather quiet. Last Friday my friend and I were the only customers after about 10. As a real ale fan (if one can still use the term) and not a ‘craft beer’ type I tend to revert to the hand-pump. Good luck to these ventures. I remain in admiration of the people who give these ventures a go. I remain concerned at the sustainability of these individualistic bars in these tough times. £4.50 a bottle at Kino, and one can pick up a beautiful bottle of Shephard Neame (£2.40) from the local shop near the closed Pub (Elephants Head).

  8. The Plough opens today!”

  9. Cool, will check them out soon

  10. should we do twee8 here?

  11. I was at the Plough last night and it is LOVELY! Looks amazing, it’s pretty big and there’s a great selection of beers. A bit pricey at £4.50 a pint for a craft lager but that’s the way all the new pubs in Hackney have been going I guess. Definitely recommend checking it out!

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