The People’s supermarket in Hackney

A couple of exciting tweets from Chatsworth Road TRA and suggest that the People’s Supermarket is looking to open on Homerton High Street according to the Evening Standard they are going through a 7 week consultation starting this weekend – I wonder if that’s the stall they will have on the market will be doing.


  1. Details of exactly what will be happening will come out on Monday. At the minute everything is still up in the air and what happens will be a reflection of community demand.

  2. Quick, quick…someone form a local opposition group on the grounds that it’ll hurt existing small independents.

  3. If anyone didn’t see the documentary on Channel4 about the People’s supermarket, there is some more info here: what’s great about them is they are staffed by members of the local community that in turn get discounts on their shopping. They also buy the produce that the big four don’t think is perfect looking enough to put on the shelves. All in all they benefit the community rather than taking from it like some other supermarkets as well as benefitting the farmers.
    I’m really interested in seeing how to get involved @euan do you know if they will be at Chats Rd market on Sunday?

  4. I’m all for it. Sure the idea of working in a supermarket doen’t appeal, not because I’m a snob but because I’m a lazy sod! But its a great fk-you to the supermarkets, and you get quality produce at a discounted price – which in an economic climate such as ours who would complain. It doesn’t get any more community focused than this and I really hope people get onboard.

  5. i totally wanna join. we have to buy lots of stuff for the hotel but can’t always store wholesale amounts so good job on finding out about this! x

  6. I’m so so so excited about this – I’m a member of the People’s Supermarket because I think the concept/product mix is amazing, but getting my groceries in Bloomsbury isn’t working for me logistically*. I’m basically not getting my money’s worth from it, though the monthly volunteering is valuable beyond words for making me appreciate my actual job.

    *Bike panniers, of course, are the obvious solution to this problem.

  7. It’s great to see them possibly expanding at last (I was always slightly puzzled by the choice of Lamb’s Conduit Street for their first location).
    Very interesting to read reports that the council reached out to them rather than the other way round.

  8. How do I get involved in this? I am all for it, I live in Homerton, I want to help make this happen x

  9. thanks for sharing I’m just about in the consultation zone so I will be taking part
    They are also on twitter @TPShackney

  10. It doesn’t have to be a supermarket – we have seen how many corner shops there are in the area – and we are not about to compete – we want to collaborate and support what is already there, it is essential as that as many people as possible tell us what it is the area needs most. That could be a creche or driving school, we are spending 2 months surveying and speaking to people- to try and identify if there is even a way another shop could work. Please complete the survey or better come and find us on the stall on Chatsworth Road market. If you are not in the area please still do it as I live in Leytonstone and this is still what I call local.

  11. @tpshackney thanks for joining in the conversation – it’s interesting to know that it’s not necessarily a supermarket, I’d missed that from what I’d read about the project. It’s great to have a company interested in supporting the community 🙂

  12. Upcoming consultations: Update/Briefing MeetingWhen: Thu, 8 September, 18:00 – 19:00Where: Hackney City Farm – in the straw bail room (map)Description: Update on consultation info on plans for the next few weeks and ways how you can get involved. Drop in at Homerton LibraryWhen: Tue13 September 10:00 – 20:00Where: Homerton Library (map)Description: Come and talk to Jessica about your concerns questions ideas and suggestions. We want to know what you think – tell us here. As well as Sunday’s at Chats Rd Market More over here:

  13. I am SO EXCITED about this. Think it could be brilliant for the area. I live two mins walk from the site. hurrah hurrah, please make it happen!

  14. the @tpshackney Consultation Report has been released: The People’s Supermarket spent 3 months this year working to identify support and need for a second store in Homerton, Hackney. The findings from that consultation are now available in the form of a final report submitted to London Borough of Hackney in November download the PDF here Google Map Geekery – of all completed surveys From:

  15. The People’s Supermarket got a few minutes on this programme about cooperatives tonight (about 22 minutes in):

  16. The People's supermarket consultation From @tpshackney“I am pleased to invite you to the launch of TPS Hackney – stage 2 please see contact details below for RVSP. We are now entering an intensive period of fundraising with the aim of securing enough to open in the Sedgwick Street site near Homerton Station by June 2012.  ‘The People’s Supermarket’ invites you to the unveiling of a second new site for People’s Supermarket in Hackney East London on Thursday 26 January 2012 from 10: 00-14:30.  Also hear about the exciting new ‘Brick By Brick’ initiative.  Hear about the benefits that  the new store will make to Hackney and plans for further stores  in cities across the UK.As well as seeing the new site on 26th January you will have an opportunity to:-•   Meet Kate Bull (CEO of The People Supermarket) and hear about the new site and the Brick by Brick campaign•   Meet and hear from other staff at The People’s Supermarket and hear how their lives have changed•   Meet other  business leaders and supporters of the People’s Supermarket To confirm your attendance please contact:- Esther Porta at  Xpert OR Jovana Nikolic

  17. The latest on the supermarket from their newsletter: Hackney Council and Viridian have agreed the latest report can be shared with you here: acknowledged from the outset the scale of the task is huge we have therefore decided the best approach for the realisation of scheme is in 5 distinct phases. The aim is still have a trading presence ready in time for the Olympics as this is seen as a key footfall and awareness driver.Phase 1: Out side coffee shop and office . June 2010 Cost circa £20000Phase 2: Café kitchen essential food items and child space in Unit 1 Cost circa £245000Phase 3:  Supermarket- and Social Enterprise start space (costs tbc)Phase 4: Community space (costs tbc)Phase 5: Additional services i.e delivery (costs tbc)Next steps» Membership pledge campaign.» Identify organisations specialising in early years young people health and wellbeing training and skills.» Community weekend If you have any ideas suggestions or would like to be involved in any ofthe above please do not hesitate to contact I also welcome discussion on anything you feel relevant. “

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