The Only Way is Dalston casting

This was all over  twitter yesterday, Vice reported that there was a casting for \The Only was is Dalston” in the same vein as the TV shows about groups of people in Essex and Chelsea. I’m not sure the whole thing isn’t a hoax but worth a read anyway Well Mexico!! See also and


  1. MTV are denying it and Vice are making spoof trailers

  2. I thought it was a bad joke, but I heard from a reliable source in a  TV production company that they are actually making it…

  3. meanwhile, you can watch this, it’s quite hilarious. or not.

  4. awful, as a spoof, Brooker did it already with Nathan Barley – and Vice were his target, it’s taken then 6 years to try and get their own back and they failed massively – awful as a documentary – awful #fail as they say on the show

  5. marty21 good point well made! “

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