The new routemaster bus will debut on the 38 route

The new routemaster bus is set to trial on the 38 bus route (which starts at Clapton Pond). There are some pictures of the new bus over on the Londonist


  1. i tweeted about it this morning. i won’t be in hackney till the end of march but really looking forward to my first ride on it!

  2. The bus is due to leave Hackney Central and head towards Victoria on 27th Feb at 6.09am. Looks like it’s scared to come to Clapton: \There will be no Borismaster service for now at the weekends or at all on the northernmost extremity of the route between central Hackney and Clapton Pond (there are thought to be concerns about the social makeup of the Clapton neighbourhood with an over-concentration of lower-echelon media figures.)” From: What?!?”

  3. Laaammmeee and also doesn’t really make any logical sense…

  4. I don’t know if that information is real or not – I’d be interested to see if it comes from another source too

  5. I think it’s probably just Telegraph blog snark – you can pretty much ignore everything that’s put out by their blogs. This bus has little to do with improving services and everything to do with improving Boris’s re-election chances, hence a jibe about Clapton not being a key area for him. At a guess I’d say the media journalists reference is probably a dig at Guardian journos? Since debendification every other 38 stops at Hackney Central rather than going as far as Clapton Pond in order to keep the number of additional buses required down. I hadn’t appreciated quite how much the requirement for buses had increased by switching back to double deckers – Wikipedia says it increased from 47 to 68 and would have increased to 72 without the early termination. Which demonstrates what a crazy policy it was and why bus fares have gone up so much.”

  6. those are some crazy stats. I can’t say I was a fan of the bendies, but scrapping them seemed really pointless and aimed entirely at winning votes.

  7. It also increased bus fares because there were contracted leases in place which were terminated early. I guess he had to scrap them as it was about the only policy that he had in the last election, but combined with the scrapping of the western extension to the congestion charge, these policies have led to an increase in bus fares of 50% from 90p in 2008 to £1.35 in 2012, which is quite frankly scandalous.

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